What can a man's hands tell you? Ladies what do you think and fellas what do you also think?

I chose hands, because I definitely will pay attention to a man's hands first, before his feet. Guys have definitely become hip to that whole silly... Show More

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  • Well to be honest, hands and feet don't really tell you about the man's "third arm". But if his hands are rough he's probably a hard worker or does some hobby that requires him to get dirty. I do motocross, so my hands get rough and I get blisters at the top of my palm (all bikers do) Someone who's smooth I guess does nice and clean hobbies/jobs. Not much you can tell from looking at his hands, you should instead start talking to the person your interested and you'll get straight facts, unless he's lying of course

    • well, I mentioned that I wasn't interested in his "third arm", I'm just saying, that the condition of the hands may lead you into who he is as a person, while of course you are getting to know him. A guy's hands may be rough from work and/or a sport, and that might tell you what he likes to do for fun, and why.

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    • yeah I am a motocross racer as well and I get blisters and I'm a girl, but I've seen some of the guys hands and, their rough. so I'm not really sure you can tell much

    • haha it's fine.

      Jamaica Outtttttt