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What can a man's hands tell you? Ladies what do you think and fellas what do you also think?

I chose hands, because I definitely will pay attention to a man's hands first, before his feet. Guys have definitely become hip to that whole silly... Show More

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  • Well to be honest, hands and feet don't really tell you about the man's "third arm". But if his hands are rough he's probably a hard worker or does some hobby that requires him to get dirty. I do motocross, so my hands get rough and I get blisters at the top of my palm (all bikers do) Someone who's smooth I guess does nice and clean hobbies/jobs. Not much you can tell from looking at his hands, you should instead start talking to the person your interested and you'll get straight facts, unless he's lying of course

    • well, I mentioned that I wasn't interested in his "third arm", I'm just saying, that the condition of the hands may lead you into who he is as a person, while of course you are getting to know him. A guy's hands may be rough from work and/or a sport, and that might tell you what he likes to do for fun, and why.

      Jamaica Outtttttttt

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    • yeah I am a motocross racer as well and I get blisters and I'm a girl, but I've seen some of the guys hands and, their rough. so I'm not really sure you can tell much

    • haha it's fine.

      Jamaica Outtttttt

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  • Apparently their sexuality

    It says that nearly half of male lefties were gay, I got to go check my 'are you right handed or left handed' question

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      Forgot to put the link

  • Not really, it doesn't take into account hobbies and other such things. I work a part time job that requires a lot of hands on work yet I use moisturizing lotion so my hands are usually soft. I also wear work out gloves when lifting weights most of the time to prevent major callus's. Why not just judge a person from their actions.

    • I'm not here to judge anybody. You are misunderstanding what I am saying. Why wouldn't I want to take the time to get to know a person? That's not the issue at hand. All I'm saying it's simple observation the way that men do it with women, and you all do. A guy may have rough hands, from maybe coaching a little league or something, and that can tell you a lot about him, before he says anything more, and that's great! A guy will see a woman with her hair, nails, makeup done, and assume the worst.

  • My hands are big and that's the only thing I can say about them, nothing special

    • big man hands are good! :)

      Jamaica Outttttttt

    • I understood roughly 50% of what you just said.

  • Would you consider a guy (assuming everything else you're on the fence about) based on his hands? I've seen girls talk about this here and there...is this just an observation with girls or is it really a qualifying thing?

    And yes, his hands can give you an idea of what he does. A lot of the people that I know that are into cars have rough hands. I have sold my cars and haven't worked on one in forever but even then I still had soft and clean looking hands.

    As for his "third arm size" as you put it lol, I've *heard* that it's the same length as it is from the tip of his middle finger to the very base of his palm. I can't say that it's accurate or not, but just something worth watching out for to see if it's true.

    • Haha of course I won't only consider a guy based upon his hands. Sub-consciously I may be attracted, as is the case, with everyone, but I was simply making a point, based on observation. As I have mentioned before, I'm not interested in trying to figure out his "third arm" size, but just as insight into him, of course as I am getting to know the guy. A man sees a woman's clothes, car, appearance and assumes certain things, and women see a man's hands, can tell what he does or what he plays...

    • Ok I didn't know for sure because I've seen hands questions on here and girls seemed to say they "preferred" a certain type of hand. Didn't know how serious they were being lol

      And yeah I get you about noticing things about people. So yeah, I still think you can get an idea of him based on how he keeps up with himself.

  • If their hairy and got friction burn on them then, well...

    • haha stop it, that's an old wives tale, If you're talking about what I think you're talking about? haha.

      Jamaica Outttttttttt

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  • I feel like there is a difference between a guy who bothers to clean all of the grease/dirt out of his fingernails vs. the guy who washes his hands and doesn't attend to this. Guys who don't tend to be a lot more lax with their appearance and grooming in general. Also, from my experience, they tend to be a little more rough in manner.

  • I love guys hands.. They are so big and feel so good when they are rubbing/fingering my pussy.

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