What can a man's hands tell you? Ladies what do you think and fellas what do you also think?

I chose hands, because I definitely will pay attention to a man's hands first, before his feet. Guys have definitely become hip to that whole silly cliche, about a man's shoe size giving you an indication to his, umm let's just say, "third arm size", and believe it or not, just like there have been women who have stuffed their bras to appear larger, there are also men, who will purposely wear larger shoes, with some thick ass socks, to make you think that he's packing? Anyhow, I believe that a man's hands can tell you about him: what he may do for a living or what he may be doing or not doing period. A little bit like the type of car he drives, or more importantly how he cares his car. So, a guy that has rough, pealing, dry hands may not necessarily be a hobo or a guy who doesn't practice grooming and hygiene, but perhaps, he works on roofs, or is a plumber or a handy man? Meanwhile, a man with a pedicure, may not necessarily be metrosexual or even homosexual, but perhaps, he's a manager or in a position where he can afford to have nice manicure hands, since he isn't using them? My point is, I'm not stereotyping a man's hands to find out how much he makes, but really about the type of person he is, and how well he is with his hands. Anybody care to share, especially guys, what are your thoughts?



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  • Well to be honest, hands and feet don't really tell you about the man's "third arm". But if his hands are rough he's probably a hard worker or does some hobby that requires him to get dirty. I do motocross, so my hands get rough and I get blisters at the top of my palm (all bikers do) Someone who's smooth I guess does nice and clean hobbies/jobs. Not much you can tell from looking at his hands, you should instead start talking to the person your interested and you'll get straight facts, unless he's lying of course

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      well, I mentioned that I wasn't interested in his "third arm", I'm just saying, that the condition of the hands may lead you into who he is as a person, while of course you are getting to know him. A guy's hands may be rough from work and/or a sport, and that might tell you what he likes to do for fun, and why.

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      yeah I am a motocross racer as well and I get blisters and I'm a girl, but I've seen some of the guys hands and, their rough. so I'm not really sure you can tell much

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      haha it's fine.

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