My girlfriend left me tied up at her brother's house, should I stay pissed?

My girl friend and I went to her little brothers house when he was at work, to have sex. She wanted to play tie up and talked me into letting her tie me up ( hogtied ) in my tighty whites. After she had me tied, she started laughing and called me peewee, and was verbally abusive, she gagged me with her brothers shorts and left me there. I wasn't able to get loose and her brother and two of his friends found me, they took pics and now have me kinda like a bitch, or they will show them. She says it was all in good fun, but her little bro won't let it go, he wants me to do laundry and clean his place in order for him not to tell anyone. Should I stay pissed at her?


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  • You have the right to be mad, but first you should consider why she thought this would be okay. Have you done similar things before? Does she ever tie you up and leave you for a while? A lot of people do this as foreplay. Is she usually the dominant one during sex, and is the verbal abuse normal? If not, you should be mad

    • She has tied me up before, she calls me peewee cause I have a smaller dic, only3" she is very dominate, I am bitch, but she never let her little bro see me before tied in my underpants, gaged with his. Now he knows, and is making me do his laundry and house work, she just laughs

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  • Haha, funny read.

  • That is abusive and completely unacceptable. I think you may be able to take legal action, especially since her brother is actually blackmailing you. Definitely do not continue dating such a girl.

  • hells yeah that humiliating.

    someone needs to explain bondage to her cause that's just wrong

  • I would never do that to a boyfriend. She sounds a wee bit crazy to me. You most definitely have reason to be angry, and if she can't see she is the one at fault I would move on

  • Woah, I think that girl got some issues.
    I think you have the right to be pissed and well, you're just selling your dignity there. With the girl, I think you should talk to her, be in control. And with the little brother, well, to prevent stuff like this from happening, you gotta beat him to the punch line.

  • I would be pissed. Honestly, if it were me, I would break up with someone that did that to me.

  • Cool story, bro.

    • it wasn't a cool story, she says I am being a baby by being so upset about it and her bro is onlyhaving a little fun with the whole thing. She wants me to appoligize and get back to being together, I am embarased because of her bro he is 20 and I think is having way to good a time with the whole situation

    • Woah... wait... SHE wants YOU to apologize? Really? This girl has some serious mental issues buddy. You need to move on. This is only gonna keep getting worse.

  • i think you should let her know how much it bothered you. I mean don't be a baby about it, but I would definitely let her know how you feel. and I'm sorry she did that to you! that's horrible haha

    • you say horrible and then laugh, which is it, her brother laughed his ass off, sent me home in my underpants, and he has pics of the whole thing, its more horrible than haha

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    • Yea, she did it s a joke, it's just that she does it cause I have a small dic, and still wear tighty whites, I am 31, her bro is 20 and he has me doing his laundry.

    • im sorry...he'll have to let it go eventually

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  • k, first off I'm sorry. all this sounds really awful. What I think you should do is pull your girlfriend away and have a serious discussion. There's a fine line between sex games/having a sense of humor and public humiliation.
    Tell her what happened was embarassing and it isn't worth laughing about. Look her dead in the eyes when you tell her all of this. If she keeps laughing and doesn't take you seriously, then she obviously needs to grow up

  • YEESSSSS! You should stay pissed at her! Are you high? Why are you still with her? That is NOT cool at all! I would've had her arrested. If it's a fantasy of hers and you discuss it beforehand, and you're both comfortable with role-playing it out, and you both agree to do it, then fine. To each their own. But to do what she did, the way she did it... she clearly has no respect for you, and you are a fool if you stay with her. Wake up and smell the hummus my friend. There are plenty of women out there. Find another one.

  • This is one of those situations where I'd have to refrain from hitting someone. You have EVERY right to be pissed. What she did was false imprisonment and assault, go f***ing MENTAL, threaten legal action and put that f***ing bitch back in her place.

    • back in her place.?

    • Oh f*** here come the feminazis

      Back in her place = Not tying people up and leaving them. Can you f***ing imagine if there was a house fire? The guy would have f***ing toasted. I'M ANGRY FOR HIM! Women, when we give you power over us, you f*** us and you WILL regret it, because it won't happen twice.

    • I agree to threaten with legal action, I'd be scared for life if someone did that to me. I hope karma kicks her butt.

  • Dude, why the f*ck are you still with this chick!? That's like something a b*tchy teenage girl would do to a guy she hated, not a grown woman in a serious relationship. Not sure where you are, but I agree with saphira that you should definitely try to take legal action against her bro if you are able and sure as hell dump her @ss.

    • Can't do sh*t, he has pics of me hogtied in my tighty whites, gaged with his, I do his laundry, which is fine, I apologized, and she said he will get him to stop , if I give out the addy for the pic

    • Her little bro has pics of me hogtied, wants to give them out

  • That girl needs a good lesson. Show her what you think is good fun! Tie her up! When she says she doesn't like it, show her how much it hurt you. I guarantee you, she will never do it again.

    • I thought about payback, but then I would have to deal with her brother, who has the pics of me hogtied in just my underpants, I can't let that get out to anyone else. but I get what your saying

    • If they have pics of you ties up, they can be used in court. They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

  • aw man that sucks...looks like I'll be seeing that picture on the internet pretty soon haha

    • it better not get to the internet, I did his laundry last night, he wants his place cleaned tomarrow, she won't even call her bro to tell him to be cool, if the guys I work with find out I am going to be the school yard bitch for sure

  • dump her. your gf's a bitch and there are plenty other women on this planet that wouldn't do that to you. just imagine if you had done that to her. you would probably be arrested all ready.

  • dump her. she's a bitch and there are plenty of women that wouldn't pull that kind of sh*t. imagine if you had done that to her? you would probably be arrested by now.

  • Not only should you stay pissed at her, but you should LEAVE this tramp.. and beat the f*** outta her brother... never tolerate that sh*t, period

  • Are you kidding me... this is terrible!

  • dude if the house sets on fire and you die in there, she could be charged with manslaughter. so nah, its not funny at all

  • dude I'm sorry to hear that. that's f*cked up beyond belief, and to add insult she wants you to apologize? I don't like to advocte hitting other people but I would beat the sh*t out of the brother and his friends. then I would dump that bitch and threaten to sue her at the least (you could get a SHIT load of money if you did sue her). so yes you have the right to be mad

  • Of course man! . . . for her f***ing fault you're in that nasty situation. I would be angry too if that happen to me. You must get revenge! She did an awful thing to you . . . you can't let that pass! She won't learn a thing as a human being!

    First, take some audio recording of your girlfriend confessing what she did to you . . . and also you should get an audio recording of her stupid brother blackmailing you. Do it carefully!

    Second, you say "Okey honey, I forgive you this time" and start to do a normal relation with your girl. For a few weeks or months . . . f*** really good with her. Take your girl out, spend a weekend in some place only you two. Do lovely things for her . . . and somehow, try to convince her that she has to recover or delete those photos (maybe she won't do it, maybe she will do it . . . by love). Man . . . you have to consider the fact that those photos could already be in ciber-space. You can't trust her brother, you can't trust your girl!

    Third, tell her in a convincing way (after you have sex) that been tied up and gagged wasn't so awful (you have to search about "bondage" and "knots" in the Internet). Then, propose to tie her up just a little (with a few scarfs) and give her pleasure (could be oral sex). Repeat this inconstantly when you have sex with her . . . and every time increase the experience just a little. Make this girl enjoy it!

    Fourth, after gaining her trust, you’ll need to find another opportunity to be only with this lady . . . a weekend in some place. Now is time for sex! You have to tie her up to the bed . . . do it softly but really really tied. Must be inescapable. Use rope. You also need some used boxers (with a little nasty smell) . . . and put them in her mouth (watch your fingers or hands, she could bite you) . . . and then seal it well . . . with a lot of duct-tape.

    Finally, you take photos or make videos of her with a camera. Tell her what you really feel of the previous incident . . . how you felt betrayed. After that . . . untie her (you must do it!) and break up with her gently. You leave the place in that very moment with the photos and videos.


    -If you do it, you must be always in control of the situation. Don't make yourself an accidental killer or something.

    -If nothing of this works, take some legal actions anyway. You deserve respect, so respect yourself!