My girlfriend left me tied up at her brother's house, should I stay pissed?

My girl friend and I went to her little brothers house when he was at work, to have sex. She wanted to play tie up and talked me into letting her tie... Show More

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  • You have the right to be mad, but first you should consider why she thought this would be okay. Have you done similar things before? Does she ever tie you up and leave you for a while? A lot of people do this as foreplay. Is she usually the dominant one during sex, and is the verbal abuse normal? If not, you should be mad

    • She has tied me up before, she calls me peewee cause I have a smaller dic, only3" she is very dominate, I am bitch, but she never let her little bro see me before tied in my underpants, gaged with his. Now he knows, and is making me do his laundry and house work, she just laughs