I'm scoundrel, fantasist, narcissistic, womanizer, selfish, loner, white liar, dad, and I think I love a woman?

Basically I think I want to get back with this woman, problem is, since I left her after a long separation...I have this funny urge NOT to sleep with another woman, no matter how attractive they are. If Scarlett Johnasson got on my lap, I would have doubts.

I was with her for 4 years, two were without sex due to complications with the birth(which I was OK about)and I never received any physical pleasure..(AT ALL)! during that time I never strayed, just waited. This is one of the main reasons we broke up, I felt she stopped caring about me.

I've lost all sense of having sex, or going up to woman and asking her fancying a quick one, It would mean nothing...I just want to get back to a place where I could have fun again, and enjoy myself.

What's wrong with me?



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  • You've grown weak because of your love for "her". Its not wrong to have those urges, its wrong to pursue them freely and openly in the society we live in. My advice? Get your feet underneath you again before pursueing this woman again, if you don't then you will only grow weaker which will put ever more burden on a future relationship with her. As for how to do that? It depends on your moral and intelligence. Some choose to become promiscuous at the risk of losing their love forever. I would encourage you differently, to embrace your desires but not act on them. Then take things slow and start innteracting with her again. As things grow stronger, keep progressing as you see fit. Use your best judgement.



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  • Yeah, sounds like love to me. . . or guilt. Both signs point to you bing not so bad a guy after all.

    • Guilt...please explain? I'm interested

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    • Thank you I really appreciate that :D

    • But I'm just saying that's I diid bother, several occasions, just several complications before and after the birth that did this

  • You're in a place most guys never reach wanting sex with only one woman.

    In other words you're weak & no longer a man.

  • YOU'RE IN LOVE! It's completely normal to feel turned off by women that aren't the one you love. You must own up to the fact that you are no longer a womanizer, you are whipped and hooked on a single woman!

  • Stop being a scoundrel, narcissist, womanizer, and selfish liar? That could help.

    • I'm not sure I fully understand the question.

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    • white liar princess, I do it to look good I guess

    • It's lying just the same. Now I admit I will occasionally tell someone I like their haircut when it's not so great. But lying to make yourself look good is bigger than that.

  • You love her.


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