Why do men like to show their penises on the internet?

Like I'm not just referring to the weiner scandal but men in general. I mean I've seen too many penises on this site lol


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  • Its because many guys believe it or not can't comprehend that women think differently than they do. Put it this way, if you sent a guy a picture of you're boobs or vagina they are going to love it. The assumption by them is that girls think this exact same way and by showing you their penis they are turning you on

  • Honestly, it's because we're out of ideas and we haven't figured out a way to get girls drunk over the Internet yet.However, rest assured that day will come ...

  • They only reason they would do that is because they think some girl might see it and want to try to contact them for some form of sex. I don't really understand why they would put of picture of their penis on GAG but I wouldn't post a pic of myself like that. Some guys are just desperate.

  • A horn dog's failed attempt at "getting some"

  • It must get the desired result or else it wouldn't happen.

  • I don't think I'm going to show my penis on this site. I've made my mind up. I used to when I was younger because I thought girls were turned on by that kinda thing. I've found I can turn a girl much more with just my words. I think that's more erotic, it requires more skill, and it's forced me to grow more as a lover. Penis pics are the slacker's way. I mean... I'll still deliver... but only to persistent longing requests.

  • That's outrageous.. I've not seen one!

  • Isn't that why the internet was invented? Porn?

  • I don't know...I have never done that...must be a boy in a man's body...

  • Some guys are real exhibitionists, the rest think the girl might go 'Oh my, what a wonderful penis! I'll remove all my clothing instantly and devote myself to his sexual gratification!'Only works sometimes...

    • Thanks for best answer =]

  • you will never see mine on this site

  • I did not know this.

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  • They're not right.

  • I thought you liked seeing my penis in 56 different angles! I even trimmed for you today! GOSH, you're so inconsiderate! Hehehehe

    • I think I need to c a pic of this...

  • I think it is a joke really. Don't get me wrong I like to see a nice penis but only if it belongs to guy with a hot body and nice face.

  • I guess they are proud of it or something...I've only been send big penis photos so that's the only reason I can think of.Its nasty. If I'm not dating you, please don't send me a picture of your d*** because I DON'T CARE.

    • *sent

  • Because they want to scare you.LoL

  • Who cares? It's awesome. You can never see too many penises..

    • lol but some people have ugly genitals lol

    • I like the way you think!

  • it's not just guys and their penis. girls do this too quite often