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Why do some girls prefer anal over vaginal?

I've met quite a lot of girls who prefer anal sex over vaginal, and I'm wondering why's that, I mean I know it causes orgasm and stuff, but I find it... Show More

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  • Having anal sex makes it a lot more pleasurable for us. Girls only have sensors in the top half of her vagina. The further in you go, the less she is going to feel. Having anal sex is completely different. Girls can feel the very slightest movement inside her no matter how deep the guy goes.

    • mabye it's true , but I feel it's wrong , totally wrong, and what I'm sure of is that every hole has it's part in life :-)

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    • Who told you this bulsh*t? They probably had a good laugh about it.

    • This ain't no bullsh*t little girl, maybe your dude horse-f***ed your ass that's why you think it's not nice at all, And yea it is proven fact that a woman's best orgasm can be from anal, too obvious, yet you're too ignorant to realize it, oh well, once you grow up and actually mature you'll maybe realize this obvious stuff, actually, that's a BIG MAYBE since you're a troll.

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  • Well anal seems more risky and risk can yurn a lot of people on aswell as my self, knowing your doing somthing that some consider wrong makes it so much better ;)

  • girls can have very psycological ties to their vag's. If they had a bad experience they can shy away from typical sex because of its "intimacy" factor. They are litterally letting a guy inside them. The anus however is associated with garbage and dirtiniess. It's much easier to seperate yourself from something you consider to be a source of waste.Chances are these girls turned to anal to satisfy their need for sexual exploration/satisfying their mate without really letting them in. I'm going to assume its a defensice mechanism on their part, that allows them to seperate their emotions from the physical act of satisfying their partners. (though I'm sure they would deny it claming regular sex "hurts" or "doesn't feel good" or other variations of "i'm not comfortable with it". which further reinforces this concept.)In most cases I would assume they were either abused sexually or raped in their history. It would probably be an up hill battle to get them to open back up to it because it would mean facing their issue.

    • I agree with you but wouldn't you think that even if there were raped or abused that they still wouldn't want to have anal sex? It's pretty much the same thing, except in a different hole.

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    • Well my good sir, girls never ask for sex themselves, like they never ask for ANY kind of sex, you just have to go for it yourself, get her turned on, then it doesn't matter what kind of sex you'll have, oral/vaginal/anal/ even boobal LOL

    • LMAO... boobal... classic.But it isn't true girls don't ask for sex. I get asked all the time. And occasionally even for anal. When a girl knows you can deliver satisfaction for their craving, they can be very direct.

  • Never met one who did.

    • You probably didn't meet real women then.

  • These are the type of girls that enjoy sex the most because they are daring, and of course they are the hardest to find. The majority of girls like this live by high standards, making them all the worthwhile. Perverted girls with high standards is how I would describe them, and finding even one of them is like winning the lottery

    My advice for dudes: Know what you're doing, stay aware and be educated. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll look stupid its that simple

    To the dude that posted this article, yo bro you're one of the luckiest dudes alive, and I wish I were you because of that

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