Tips on thrusting faster?

i always watch p*rn and the dudes are so fast sometimes when theyre pounding the chick.. how do I get to be faster at it? is it possible?


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  • That feels so good. I don't have any tips for you but try going as fast as you can when you get the chance.


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  • Get the girl in a good angle where you are able to get as much momentum. Usually having the girl lay on the very edge of the bed and her legs on your shoulders allows you to have both feet on the floor and you can hold her legs and go as fast as you want.

    • geez you're sexy! I'd love to practice on you

    • Haha hi creeper

  • Poke a hole into a pillow and practice on it.

  • get her on all fours and hold her hips if she moves with you and you thrust too itll be deep fast and rough..u could pull her too you while your thrusting it..itll feel good and you'll be in control as well as her so you both feel real good ;)

  • hmmn well in the actual act, I think missionary works best, where her legs are spread far apart and you're on top you have control and its actually more pleasurable that way because you're thrusting her clit more directly

    to practice, some guys can have stiff bodies and don't have the hip bones like women do, so may be try some hip exercises or dancing helps, take a salsa class or something, google hip exercises and try to do movements as fast as you can practice makes perfect, also join a yoga class in your neighborhood, there are lots of walk in classes for like 10 bucks, yoga helps you flex your muscles and makes you flexible, don't be shy I go to yoga classes all the time and there are tons of men as there are women...


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  • Use honeybee sting injection... they are so fast they will make your head spin.

  • Whatever position you're in get her on or against a bed and use the springyness of the mattress. I can slam my girlfriend hard and fast for ages but I notice I rarely do thrusting.. If I'm coming in from behind we do it against the bed and once I get the momentum going she ends up actually pushing into the bed and springing back. My hips actually hardly move.

  • Go to the gym and do parallel squats and lunges. Or do squats and lunges at home.

    Also, choose a mattress with a lot of spring to it. The memory foam ones work against you.

  • It's possible. The more sex you have the more skilled you will become at it. Its not all about blinding speed at the start. You need to build up momentum and speed up gradually. I personally like counting my thrust. Ill set out to get 30 hard thrust then switch positions and start counting from there. Also keep rythm. Every third thrust is a harder deeper stroke. Or count one two one two and third is a hard deep thrust.

    That is the science I have brought it down to.

    • OCD sex rofl I approve

    • ahahha its just to keep tempo. That's funny though