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How to become a "freak" overnight

yes, I have sex. no I haven't had it alot. But I'm into someone right now who is a sex fiend and slowly but surely, because of him, that's what I'm... Show More

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  • I know this isn't what you want to hear but once you become a sex freak you might stay one. I don't know why you'd want sex to dominate your life as you try to become the kind of sex freak this guy you have right now wants you to be. Once you do every possible sex thing even that will get boring, so then what will you do for excitement? Meantime, what life is all about will keep getting dimmer and dimmer, and that's because sex can overtake a person's life to where nothing else really matters. about like drugs that get out of hand without realizing it. If you're not the type that likes taking control then don't try because you might disappoint him'! Just tell him you like it the way it is and for him to call the shots because that's what you like best. If you're not sure of the calls YOU make they could be some things you wish you'd never suggested. Let him do that because then you can always say no. If I were you, I wouldn't try lowering myself to meet someone else's standards. Seriously, if you don't know the other things someone else might suggest to you, they could be things that will make you l look like a total slut and whore and why would you want your boyfriend to think that of you. If this is all just a funny game, well then play along with him and no problems.

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  • I guess what do you want to do to him? He's letting you take control, so take control. Throw him on the bed, suck his d, bounce on top of him, tell him to eat you out, 69, wear something really sexy like a thong, pantyhose/see through stuff. doggystyle, make-out while giving each other handjobs/fingering, talk dirty, . I don't know, there's porn online too, check it out and see what they do.

What Girls Said 2

  • well, one thing you can do is have sex where the possibility of being seen is there, once my guy took me right up against my back patio glass door, the thought that somone could see us was a turn on. so there's one thing you can do. or you could always just stradle him whereever he's sitting, undo his pants and have your way with him.good luck and have fun ;)

  • wow I think you should listen to like what ilovelegs said. why would you want to match his freakiness?

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