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My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months now, and we have sex pretty often. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I have never given him, or any other guy, head before. The first time we had sex was a spur of the moment thing so we kind of skipped the whole oral sex part. He gives me oral, and I can tell that he wants me to go down on him too, but every time we're hooking up and I think that I might do it, I get myself all worked up and back out. I feel sort of bad when he goes down on me and I don't return the favor, especially since I can tell that's what he wants. I really want to try doing this but I'm completely clueless. How do I initiate giving head for the first time without making it awkward? If I ever convince myself to actually do this I think I'll probably swallow when he comes, so what's the easiest thing to do after you swallow -- run to the bathroom and brush your teeth or drink some water? Haha I have no clue what I'm doing! I know "no teeth", but other than that is it possible to give a bad blow job? I guess what I'm most worried about is being awful at it and totally disappointing him/embarrassing myself. ANY help at all would be so appreciated! Thanks!

i did it! I was pretty nervous at first but once I started it was fine. it was actually fun! haha thanks for the tips!


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  • Well. I'm new to this site so I don't know I'm suppose to answer because I'm a girl and the title is girlsaskguys but here are my tips anyway. While things are starting getting hot, the easiest to initiate head would be to get him on his back and start kissing/licking him down his chest till you get to the below the belt region. You may at this point care to tease him a little by kissing/ licking anywhere within about 5 inches of his cock. Licking down that groove the runs at an angle down on either side of the guys lower abdomen (created by inguinal ligament if you know anatomy) I've found is always a hit. I like to start by licking his balls a little and then a nice flat-tongued lick up the full lenth of his penis (making-eye contact/ dirty smile as you reach the head). As far as the actually penis action, you've got it: #1 = no teeth.

    Other tips: (1) Licking/flicking tongue on underside of his penis between the head and the shaft (2) some guys like more head licking that others - watch his reaction (3) take as much in as you can but don't worry if you don't want too much it - You can use your hand around this base to add - don't squeeze too hard! you're just starting out, you want it to be a good experience for you too! (4) plus gagging is not so attractive haha. trust me. (5) different guys like different strengths of sucking (as in straw - creating suction) when you are giving head - you might try slowly testing him out when you begin. Slowly suck harder to see when you get a good reaction out of him (6) for the most part my experience is that once you get your mouth around their penis the guy would rather not be out in the cold air again haha but teasing is good to some extent (7) keep your tongue moving even when you are sucking (8) when he's getting close to cumming it's best to remain constant or ever so slighly more vigorous (9) depends of the guy I'm sure but I've found it's best to stay away from the head when he's cumming - and what actually helps with swallowing - if you have him further into your mouth when he cumming then your more swallowing before you taste and the head is safe from painful over-stimulation .

    Swallowing: try not to cringe - different guys have different tasting spunk. Heck the same guy will taste different at different times! But I don't want to scare you off: I'm not like the guru/expert/Sam of Sex and City but I can't say I've had a bad experience to date. In fact the last guy I was dating - okay he was fun to give head to: very responsive and didn't taste like anything. ANYWAY. Like I was going to say: you might want to have a glass of water near by - it's good even if he tastes fine because you tend to be a little out of saliva after. Try not to get up and run after. One guy will refuse to kiss you after head, others will yank you up for a deep french kiss. My rule: let him initial post-head kissing. Don't worry about being awful - you'd have to be trying to be bad. Have fun! (PS enthusiasm!) :)

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      Very good tips! Helped me a bit. hehe~