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Girls, have you ever masturbated with another girl?

Share the details:)

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  • It would mot be masturbating if two girls wre to do it together.It would be sexual intercourse between the two girls.masturbating is a one persons job

What Girls Said 9

  • Kissed? Yes. Masturbated? No! I don't know if I'd mind it tho..hehe.

  • no I haven't but you can't predict the future so I don't know if I wll or not

  • No but I want to try

  • nope! I havent.& I have no plans of doing that!

  • no. that is so gross. You are such a pig.

  • No, never have and never will

  • Yes I have, I was about 12 and me and my friend where in the same bed and we took turns using a vibe. On ourselves

    • How did the two of you find yourselfes in the same bed? Were you both naked? Any hugging, kissing, carressing or was it strictly down to business? Was this a one time thing or did you repeat it over time? Any desire to try it again?

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    • Thanks for sharing. So how did you get a vibrator at that age? Did you both achieve orgasm? Did you just take turns or help each other out? It sounds like such a fun experience I'd love to know more :-)

    • Amm. it was a back massager of my moms lol, and yes we both got off more then 1s, and we helped the other by holding it there for them

  • No but I want to really really bad...

What Guys Said 1

  • ok so ime a guy but ille give this a shot lol

    so my girlfriend was oversees in the military and she and other female soldiers would masterbate well I sent my girlfriend a viberator

    so then she's like cend me another and then before she knew it her and 3 other soldiers would sit in a circle wathcing each other and masterbating and every couple minutes they would pass hte toy to the next person and the girl who orgasmed first had to eat everyone out

    and then the person to oragasm last had to hump everyone

    and so on and so on

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