Girls how much would you charge a guy for a blowjob/oral sex?

Im not calling any of your a hooker. I know you girls arent. I'm just curious from a females point of view what do you think is a fair price for you to give a blowjob? How much would you charge? 200, 300 dollars maybe?


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  • Okay, I'm going to pretend I'm a hooker.

    I'd WANT to charge probably $200-$300.

    But if I'm a prostitute, I'm probably desperate for cash. I'd get more "clients" if I charged less, so I'd probably end up at $80-$100. This is depressing to think about :P

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      haha why is it depressing?

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      No it's not. $100 is average.

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      @queenofpeen I've done it for free 🙊

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  • They should be paying us, were feeding them and making their skin nicer

    And deep down all the girls love it

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      I love it IF he's clean and well groomed. IF he's smelly, FORGET IT. And not every woman loves C-CK.