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Girls how much would you charge a guy for a blowjob/oral sex?

Im not calling any of your a hooker. I know you girls arent. I'm just curious from a females point of view what do you think is a fair price for you to give a blowjob? How much would you charge? 200, 300 dollars maybe?

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  • They should be paying us, were feeding them and making their skin nicerAnd deep down all the girls love it

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  • 1mo

    I would start by asking for 50, but I'm broke, so I'd go down to 20 tbh

  • How much are you guys willing to pay?

    • If she's halfway good? $10. BJ's are unsatisfying.

    • Depends on the girl

  • Okay, I'm going to pretend I'm a hooker.I'd WANT to charge probably $200-$300.But if I'm a prostitute, I'm probably desperate for cash. I'd get more "clients" if I charged less, so I'd probably end up at $80-$100. This is depressing to think about :P

    • haha why is it depressing?

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    • That's WAY overpriced for a blowjob.

    • How much would YOU charge to give a guy a blowjob?

  • bj? probably 50

    • Good price

  • $60 for just a quick blow and go. One guy wanted me to really give a lot of attention, and let me go as many times as he could in half an hour. I charged $150, he tipped me another $50.

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  • No way I could pay for something like this. I'd just end up loosing my dignity and self-respect.

  • Your willing to pay 200 bucks just to get your d*** sucked, come on man you can find yourself an ugly fat chick who will do that for free, the only price you have to pay is your dignity, but at least your keeping 200 bucks.

    • I wish there were some in my neighborhood.

  • some alcohol, 2 grams of confidence and with that should come around to no more than $20 ? lol

  • If I was a girl, that would depend on the guy. Some free, others.. .their first born.

    • If I was going to charge for eating pussy, I think I'd charge per minute. And there would be a multiplier depending how attractive/tidy she was down there. Sounds like something a phone company would do. Roaming charges if she queefs.

  • Dude its not that much. If you know the price I won't give away the answer. Strippers have offered to blow me for much much less then 200$

    • Really? Well its funny you said that. The reason I ask is there's this club about 20 minutes from house iv never been too and iv heard some strippers will blow you for extra money even though there not supposed too. I'm curious how much head would cost. Its not like I can call the place and ask. 200 dollars you say?

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    • Lol... dude bargan with them. There whores. Just act like you have the cash but don't care either way. If you want, Ask what she charges, If she says like 200 be like no f***ing way. Then she will bargan. But I wouldn't pay above 80. Because she gets to suck my big fat **** and I have to pay her? common she is going ot have fun with it. And that's how you have to play it.

    • hahaha thanks lol

  • wtf, girls shud be payin us! girls culdnt peel a banana if dey tried.wastin our timei'd rather do it myselve