How can I turn him on at school?

i don't get to see my baby much, how can I tease him and turn him on at school without anyone noticing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Touching your lips and neck is always a good thing. Like maybe you could act as if your neck is a little sore, flick your hair off it and run your fingers up one side, down over your shoulder (flash some skin here and shoulders can be very sexy) to your shoulder rotating your head...he'll be thinking of kissing your neck, pulling your hair and mounting you all at the same time!

    Sucking a lollipop (classic)

    Playing with a necklace, draws attention to your boobs he'll be imagining seeing them and playing with them and he'll also be imagining you playing with them as your wrists skim across your nipples by accident.

    It all depends on exactly how dirty you want to get.? You need to be doing one of these things and know that he is watching and then when you turn and catch him looking, lick your lips and turn away again.

    another good way is to text him in class. tell him what you want to do with or to him and see how he reacts to that?