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Morning wood?

so I always kinda wondered how often do guys get morning wood? is it an every morning thing? does it just go away or do you have to take care of it?... Show More

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  • Hehe, cute question. All erections go away after a few minutes if a guy doesn't do anything with them, I am recently single, so I have been taking care of them myself lately, hehe. I would say that I wake up with it pretty much every day and I am 29. I remember when I was sixteen, I used to get them not just in the morning for no reason, but through out the whole day. Remember highschool? If you ever saw a guy walking with his books in front of his crotch, he was probably hiding something he couldn't control. Hey, if I masturbate in the AM because I just broke up, would that be "mourning" wood? lol

    • Lol ya I guess you could call it that.....do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with one? my boyfriend is 29 also and he made me think of this question cause I noticed this morning when he got outa bed to get ready for work he had a huge one

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    • I wish he'd wake up with one and just jump on me, but he has to get up every morning at 4 30 so that never happens for me....bummer.

    • Hey preacherman. remember 3th fifth and sixth grade? It seemed like every time I had to go to the blackboard I had an errection. At the time I thought I was the only guy that had that problem, but looking back, a lot of guys carried a book to the blackboard.

What Guys Said 13

  • When I was younger it was every morning.it would go away if I ignored it.!

    Now it's starting to be only occasionally. I'm not even 30 yet, but, sigh, life is short.

  • Every day, but it goes away.

  • To be honest, I get one pretty often in the AM and it does have something to do with having to go the bathroom. Naww it doesn't have to be taken care of because it usually goes away by itself after doing your thing. It kinda has a prickly feeling. See, this is one thing girls don't have to contend with. Aren't you glad? lol!

  • I've woken up with an erection almost every day since I was a very young boy. The intensity of the sexual feeling varies a lot: sometimes I can get out of bed and get on with things but at other times relief is essential!

  • usually every day its just a automatic bodily response to bring oxygen to the penis

  • we masturbate until we bust. plane and simple

  • Random fact, morning wood isn't caused by horniness or by the need to go to the bathroom. It occurs during one of the stages of the sleep cycle, and depending on what stage you are in when you wake up, ya might have it. Oddly enough this same stage occasionally causes woman to become moist and have blood rush to there privates (don't know how much detail I can get into here lol). Isn't it great the random stuff you learn in university class?

    • What class was that?

    • Biological psychology.

  • I have it every morning with a few exceptions but generally after I pee it goes away by itself

  • Morning wood = driftwood. lol

  • It's an on-and-off thing here lmao. I don't know what causes it, but it really doesn't matter, its usually controllable and such, if I act fast enough xD. I think it's caused by the increase in blood pressure when the guy wakes up (which happens with everyone), and it causes his member to fill with blood just as much as the other parts of the body, but the veins aren't dilated enough to let blood back out just as fast. I hope this somewhat helped lol

  • Every morning he's there waiting to start the day.

    • Interesting!!!

  • Most guys in my opinion get them in the morning because we have to go to the bathroom. It usually goes away after we use the bathroom.

What Girls Said 2

  • A morning wood isn't usually a sexual thing. its just a woody. sometimes they take care of it. but usually its not a sexual thing at all. they are just so relaxed at night that the penis fills with blood and gives them a boner. most men I know have morning wood . and usually have it 4-5 days out of the week. they usually just get up and go pee and it goes away and they go on with there day

  • Not all cases of morning wood are due to someone being horny, but because they have to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. Some people get them all the time, and others rarely get them. It all depends on the situation, and sometimes they do have to be taken care of whether it be masturbating or going to the bathroom. I can't tell you from experience because, obviously, I'm a girl. lol. But I have heard enough stories about it to at least know that much. haha.

    Hope this helped.

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