Girls do you ever get naked when you're home alone?

Just for the thrill of being naked when no one else is around?


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  • i do that when I'm home alone during the day after a shower. I like to air dry

    or just because

    but I don't do it for long cause I'm worried someone will come to the door or see me through a window lol


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  • for the thrill? not really, It just feels better. I usually lay nude in the sun everyday, even if people are home... I really not that shy

    • what people are home? Family? room mates?

    • I live with my family. mom, dad and two brothers. I'll cover up with a towel if they come around, but If they look out the window, o well.

    • Damn your brave

  • yeees! its so comfy.

  • I've done that a bit. Not sure it's really for the "thrill"... maybe comfort? I don't know why, really. Ha.

  • I live by myself now so being naked isn't such a big deal. I'm more into the tshirt and panties look though.

  • did it once. it was hilarious.

    • why? just cause it felt funny?

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    • Did you sit down bare assed or did you plastic wrap everything like the couch? lol

    • didn't really sit anywhere, just walked around, got bored, put clothes back on.

  • Used I will just sleep naked sometimes

  • I really want to because it sounds fun, but I have 2 roommates...and one is a guy. I definitely would if I lived alone!

  • Sometimes, but I'm too scared to go around the whole house completely naked though.. Because I don't want people to witness it, haha!

  • I do it after every shower; especially when it's hot. It feels so nice :)

  • yes, it feels good.


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  • remind me to check my window when I decide to have a naked guitar marathon.

  • How horny do you have to be to ask this kind of question?

    • Never mind. You're probably too busy looking for your binoculars to respond.

    • And annon. at that! lol