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When a guy comes quick, does it mean he is more excited than if it takes him a long time?

This guy I am in love with. Okay. I was with him four years ago when I didn't have much experience. He was able to stay inside me for a lot longer... Show More

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  • Ok, sometimes I can go a long time and sometimes its quite short. It doesn't really have much to do with how turned on I am. You might be tighter than the last girl he was with, or he feels a closer connection to you. He was probably embarassed about how quick he came and didn't know how to aproach the subject, but no matter what he thinks, this isn't your fault, or his. A penis doesn't work like clockwork, they are kind of unpredictable. Some days, for example, when I get an erection it is about an inch shorter than other times, even when its like a rock. Its an organ, a body piece with special features. Him cumming quick may mean that the O isn't as powerful as one that takes longer and builds up, so maybe that's what he meant. He should have been more worried about pleasing you after he came. When I come quickly, I still make sure the job gets done, sometimes they like what I do then better than the actual sex, plus with my fingers, mouth or a toy, I get to deside when and how and how many times to make her cum. Just drop the subject with him or you will give the poor guy a complex. Things like this vary. best of luck

    • Thank you so much, both of you..I have completely been over thinking this issue.

    • Next time he comes quick and says sorry, you say " don't be, because you are gonna finish what you started". Then, after you cum, it won't seem like a big deal to either one of you.

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  • It can be affected by 2 things, how aroused he is, and how long since the last time he ejaculated. If it has only been an hour ago, he might last a long time. If he hasn't come in a week, it might be less than a minute. A lot of you girls think when a guy cums sex is over. Well only if you let it be over. Cuddle together, massage him, just keep him naked and with you. In a short while he will be up and ready to go again, and he will last much longer this time.

    • I wanted that, but he always gets dressed and doesn't cuddle much afterwards. Or before. I wish he would spend more of that. I think part of him wants to keep his distance and is afraid if he does that we will get even closer to each other than we already are. Instead, he's just making it worse by giving me more than a taste but not enough for me to feel full...Not that getting me off isn't super important to him, it is.

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    • I saw it when he was with me. If only he didn't care about me, he wishes. Then life would be empty and simple the way he was living it. But he is too intense for it. He brings me the only tenderness I have ever known. But he is living a lie. He is choosing security and the lie over being true to what is most true. But can I blame him for being responsible? He now has another kid to take care of from another marriage. I don't want to sleep with anybody but him.

    • There is a field full of lillies, trees, and beauty. There is room for us to diffuse the darkness/abuse that was inflicted on us both. It's the only refuge. But he chooses to pretend it doesn't exist, even though he keeps coming over to make sure I NEVER forget that it's there. He pierces my heart with the view, then acts as if the place doesn't exist. I hate feeling like I "am all the days he chooses to ignore." -"All I Need." He broke my heart once. "Cant happen twice" I thought.. I mean think.

  • I've had that before and in my case it was kind of a selective thing, i dont know if its chemistry or what. With some women I could have just lasted as long as I wanted to, and with the others i was done in 2 minutes. However, I have a fiancĂ©e now and at the beginning of our relationship, 2years ago, I could not last in bed no matter what. I was stressed, she was hot ( and still is) and it just did not work. I swear i own so much to "xperform", google it. I've tried many products but this one really helped and i still use it occasionally. My fiancee has no clue though :)

  • I think you're overthinking this issue. A guy's time before he comes is influenced by many factors, that might not have anything to do with you. I think that focusing so much worry on his sexual response time will make you crazy.If you like this guy and want a long-term relationship, I suggest you stop thinking that you can "fix it" in bed. Sex is only one part of a healthy relationship. Comparing yourself to his past sexual partners will keep you up at night. Don't expect him to respond the same to you as to her. You're different from her, and you and him have a different chemistry -- you're both different from how you were four years ago. Not better, not worse. Different. Hope this helps.

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