When a guy comes quick, does it mean he is more excited than if it takes him a long time?

This guy I am in love with. Okay. I was with him four years ago when I didn't have much experience. He was able to stay inside me for a lot longer without cumming. Now when he is with me. (and it has been four years since those last times) we were together twice, one time just a blow job, the second time sex, and he came really fast. He felt bad afterwards saying how I must have had better performances before. He didn't get it. I totally wasnt thinking about anything but him at the time. I wasnt thinking about how to be good or bad at sex. Now, when we were emailing before. . before we did anything together. he told me he had really long sex with this girl he was with for a SUPER LONG TIME because he liked long sex. Does that mean I am bad? Or does it mean he really enjoyed it because he came fast? Am I at fault here? How come the other woman who he said it was "THE BEST" with he was able to keep from cumming for so long? Damnit, what does it mean! His first words were "we aren't very good at this are we" and I said "that's not a nice thing to say" and he said he meant he wasnt very good at this. He is totally wrong. I don't know about technique, but I've never been with somebody who I like on all levels as much as I do him.

Maybe I like him more than he likes me. I don't know. I hate the idea that it's unreciprocated. I hate it.

I have a lot of experience and should know the answers from being with guys but I don't! I don't know at all. And when he left I don't think he realized how much I loved being with him. Because I hadnt had sex in a really long time and being with him it was like. the first time again, you know?

Also, he's going off to Europe for three weeks, I probably won't see him for more than a month. I could ask him, but our communication styles are similar. We are both evasive, and then ocassionally shockingly blunt. But I don't know if I want to act all insecure and say "do you not like having sex with me because it doesn't last long enough?" Or. "Did you like having sex with me four years ago MORE?" For some reason, I really don't want to bring up the past and ask him that. I don't know why. I want to be coy about this and just not ask and that's why I am asking here. The more answers the better, please.


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  • Ok, sometimes I can go a long time and sometimes its quite short. It doesn't really have much to do with how turned on I am. You might be tighter than the last girl he was with, or he feels a closer connection to you. He was probably embarassed about how quick he came and didn't know how to aproach the subject, but no matter what he thinks, this isn't your fault, or his. A penis doesn't work like clockwork, they are kind of unpredictable. Some days, for example, when I get an erection it is about an inch shorter than other times, even when its like a rock. Its an organ, a body piece with special features. Him cumming quick may mean that the O isn't as powerful as one that takes longer and builds up, so maybe that's what he meant. He should have been more worried about pleasing you after he came. When I come quickly, I still make sure the job gets done, sometimes they like what I do then better than the actual sex, plus with my fingers, mouth or a toy, I get to deside when and how and how many times to make her cum. Just drop the subject with him or you will give the poor guy a complex. Things like this vary. best of luck

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      Thank you so much, both of you..I have completely been over thinking this issue.

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      Next time he comes quick and says sorry, you say " don't be, because you are gonna finish what you started". Then, after you cum, it won't seem like a big deal to either one of you.

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  • That a guy comes quickly may mean different things: it can mean he is more excited, it can mean he has an issue (which doesn't seem to be the case here), it can mean he hasn't had sex in a long time, or he might be anxious. Whatever the case is, there's nothing wrong with you and it's not like sex with you was less pleasurable.

    And regarding the things he told you, well, he was trying to show you that he doesn't have a sexual dysfunction lol

    I think you guys need to relax, enjoy the present while you're having sex, and if next time he finishes quickly again, tell him to help you come as well, with his fingers, or tongue or something.