Why is katy perry setting such bad examples?


look at the lyrics for that song... girls listen to this sh*t and try to model their lives after this? really?

the next generation is truly screwed


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  • If anything, you're promoting her song with this youtube video, and this is what the music industry does. It gets people to sing stupid songs, and unfortunately, people who don't know better buy into it while people who do, don't. When she did the song, "Firework," I was done listening. She's just screaming, which isn't what I want to hear after a stressful day.

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  • She isn't trying to be a role model. That's not her job. She got famous because she sang about kissing a girl, not reciting timetables.

    It's up to parents to regulate what their kids listen to and watch, and it's up to teachers to give them proper role models. The only reason why children take "pop stars" as examples is because they aren't being exposed to people they can relate to and look up to, which is a definite failure of public schools who barely care enough to get them on grade levels.

    Young girls who take Perry's words as wisdom probably have a bigger problem we should be concerned about, like lack of parenting and an awful public school system.

    I work with kids and teens, no one is even looking up to Katy Perry. They care more about Willow Smith, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift anyways :P

  • ummm it's pop,they don't listen to the lyrics,they just listen to whatever is on mtv,and even if they listened to the lyrics,i listen to eminem,and love his lyrics,but it doesn't mean I'm going to go out and shoot people or go out and become a drug addict

  • Dear Anon,

    Shes trying to say 15 year olds can have a party like that (Rebecca is 15..katy acts a 15 year old)

    I see she's helping Rebecca who's just a 15 year old who sang an awful song and got cyber bullied.

    Im a 17 year old.. I don't take music lyrics seriously I just like to sing along, the things that they say in songs aren't things I would do(I know what's right and what's not). And I know I would raise my kids well, even if they listen to a song like this, I know they won't be influenced by a mere song, and that I raised them to differentiate between what's wrong and what's right.

    I do not care for the next generation I care for my family :]


    IMAQT xx

    • 15 year olds streak naked in the park, skinny dip, and have threesomes? that's interesting

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    • Or I didn't mean they do **

    • Besides the threesomes, yeah it happens.

  • Its just a song. Its not like its the first song that could badly influence children.

    In fact, there are much worse songs that could...

  • I get nauseous every time I hear that song.

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  • Ten years ago, it was Britney Spears the nervous nellies were bleating over. Twenty years ago, Madonna. We got past those, we'll get past this.

  • With your logic, our generation was screwed up as well.

    This isn't the first generation that the music is not setting a good example, because the role of music is NOT to set an example: It is to REFLECT what is ALREADY THERE in the society.

    Music is not a tool to say "We should be like this." - It is a tool to say "We ARE like this."

    At least, that's my opinion on music.

    I only like a song if it "resonates" with my current mood, thoughts, feelings, etc. (By "resonates", I mean "matches".)

    If this music is being liked, this means that there are ALREADY people like this, so the music is not SETTING the example, it is REFLECTING the example.

  • TWO questions for you>>>>>>

    1. Who gives one f***?

    2. Did you know you can get a girl to let you put your d*** in her vagina!

    It feels great, you should probably extend yourself to more worthy goals and stop listening to katy perry then debating what kind of a model she is to little girls. :D

    Have a great day Pussy

    • what? I already have a girlfriend.. what does that have anything to do with this?

    • That a man was staggered by this song enough to care is what it has to do with this. Pussy

    • I wasn't staggered by it, it's just a thought that came to my head

      guess who's getting constant stable p**** every night? now guess who isn't?

      ok now f*** off

  • Not a lot of them listen to the actual lyrics

    Look at how many people listen to Eminem, Jay Z, and 50 Cent but you don't get mass shootings and stuff, for the few who do you can't blame it on the music as there other more important factors same for the Katy Perry song, I doubt they are going to go out and instantly copy her

  • "but think about music a couple years ago and music now"

    Actually QA, answer me this. Nevermind me giving you examples of music that'd have a bad influence. Answer me this; when has there EVER BEEN a time when music had a good influence on children?

    Big Frank Sinatra, with his drugs and his casanova attitude? All the clean-cut 40s do-wop singers, with their gang ties? Mozart, spending most of his life blind drunk and pennyless? Was there a good decade for music? The 90s, with the advent of RAVE, bringing with it MDMA, rampant sex and violence? The 80s, with its Sex Scandal culture and its bondage references? The 70s, with its amphetamine fuelled discos and its class-war mentality punk era? The 60s, with free love, psychedelic drugs and people like CHARLES MANSON making music? The 50s, with rock 'n' roll, ie. cleanly stating 'screw your parents, dance with girls and black people'? The 30s and 40s, with RACIST songs?

    What golden age of music are you saying was better?

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