What's the first sign if you know a guy is a pervert?

just curious and just wondering I want to know how people think and what's there opinion on things ? curious question


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  • Seems like I'm a pervert by girls standards, because I like to joke and check girls out (yes that means face, breasts and ass). To me a "pervert" is someone who is constantly consumed or obsessed by sexual related things, stalks people or purposely does inappropriate and unsuitable things in front of others.

    • thank you finally somebody gave me a reasonable answer and not f***in nonsense this relate so much to my problem thank yuh my love

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  • I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...we're all perverts lol. No joke. You just need to make sure that you find the good kind of pervert and not the bad kind. And just because a guy hides it well doesn't make him a good one. Usually the ones that hide it well are hiding it for a reason. So although the ones that are open about it (aka most teenage boys) can come off as annoying or out of line, at least you know that they are semi-normal. Otherwise who knows, the ones hiding it could be into some sick sh*t.

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    • aaaaah The Life of Brian huh. I'll have to check it out.

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      I have a question

  • Define 'pervert' please.

  • pervert is a derrogative label with an ambiguos meaning. People define it differently even for different situations, Like slut or whore. I myself avoid it at all costs, avoiding playing with peoples kids, avoid calling more than once, don't mention half the stuff in my head, but eventually you realize various people have various thoughts on the matter and you can't please everyone. It's led to an unfortunate FTW philosophy, f*** the world and I want to fix the world

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  • What do you define as a pervert?

  • define pervert

  • Nonstop sexual talk. If that's a topic in every conversation you have he's a pervert.

    • i have a pervrt then because he always talk about sexual stuff and I'm like really? bu thank you bye the way great answer :)

    • You're welcome. If you were together or really flirty with each other maybe he wouldn't be a pervert, but just friends I find that kind of odd. There are other things to talk about.

  • If you're new at a school and he hits on you the first day

  • I think your a little curious aren't you?

    • will you just answer my question you talking about other stuff other than answering my freakin question

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  • once at a party, I was drunk and threw up, and my friend's friend (who I knew and talked to a little) stayed with me, got me water and held my hair and said it was okkkk. it really made me feel better and when I wanted to lay down and sleep he stayed next to me (which was nice, because it was freakin cold)

    but as I was kinda resting, he starts slowly running his hands up and down my sides, and he'd go lower and lower and run his hands over my butt, and kiss my shoulder.

    i thought that was grossly pervy and sick. he's actually known for getting with 16 year olds (hes 21)

    and I'm no slut. that was like my 3rd time being drunk in my life I'm 18 and shy and a virgin, I was just having fun, he didn't need to be so grossly GOOD and gaining my trust then turning pervy

  • well to me a pervert is touchy and hollers and random girls.

    not necessary making that's what she said jokes, cause we all do that. and most of us get it. that don't make us all perverts. we just have weird sense of humor. but if he talks about asses and t*ts, saying is so fine, then he's a perv.

    i don't consider checking girls out perverted too, but if you fantisize about doing naugthry stuff to them then that's a no no. we all check out girls, it just happens. gee I even try to peek under dresses. but I don't consider myself a perv. I just think she's really really pretty lol

    and my guy friend once told me that its better when guy talk about perverted things and is open about than guys who keep it to themselves. cause youd never know what they thinking or what they might do.


  • >To alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended : he was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

    • lead (someone) away from what is considered right, natural, or acceptable : Hector is a man who is simply perverted by his time.

    > A person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.

    Define what you think is sexually unacceptable. Then you should know. Or we can help you.

  • a pervert is just an unfair term for someone that dosn't quite fit with your own view of sexuality.

    • I LOVE HER SO MUCH...my old def of an alcoholic...someone you don't like that drinks just as much as yourself

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    • This is a great answer

  • If he's sitting on a park bench with snot running down his nose and eyeing little girls with bad intent.

    • OH! A Jethro Tull fan! XOXOXOXO

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    • you can't arrest taster he's a f***ing institution on GaG! if your dad's a police officer why don't you get him to arrest the perverts you're referring to?

    • I believe that guitarist was Martin Barre..or something...

  • 1. When he purposely drops his pencil in school and you're trying to be nice so you bend down to pick it up and he's staring at your boobs and cleavage the whole time. (My guy friend used to do that to girls all the time in class but I think he grew out of it)

    2. He's always making sexual comments, jokes (that's what she said), and inappropriate things.

    3. He ogles every girl that walks by

    • That sounds more hormonal than pervy

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    • Temper ,Temper

    • yea I have one for people liek you that comment and don't make freakin since

  • Read Fifty Shades of Grey if he is not like Mr. Grey ur fine;)

  • he's breathing

  • when all he talks about is having sex with you and sexual stuff and doesn't have just a normal conversation that doesn't somehow come back to sex

  • When he won't take no for an answer. All men & women are horny, but a pervert is someone who is out of control.

  • 1) He stares at your t*ts

    2) Says "that's what she says" all the time

    3) Anything with holes, shafts, balls, and nuts, he laughs at.

    • So all twelve year olds are perverts?

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    • I think 99% of guys are perverts by your standards.

    • It's okay, I enjoy perverts. They make anything interesting.