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How do I pleasure my boyfriend?

Ok so I'm not very experienced in sex or anything to do with it for that matter, But my boyfriend is, He's very good at making me fill good but it... Show More

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  • i noticed that you said in a comment that your boyfriend just tells you to do whatever you want. this would be a blessing if you were experienced, but as you said you aren't I would tell him that what you really want to do is make him feel good and you just need some direction. when I first had sex with my boyfriend I asked him the same thing and he just said "if it feels good to you, then it will probably feel good to me" and for the most part that's true. there are a few places that make my toes curl, while the same places on him make him jump and say "don't do that, it tickles" go figure.

    you just have to let him know how much it means for you to pleasure him to his liking and as you become more experienced you will, in turn, become more adventurous, good luck :)

What Guys Said 2

  • at first to get him really turned on when you kiss him put your hands on his face like you touching him gently (meaning the kiss means more then a kiss to you) then kiss his neck softly guys go crazy over it (im a girl I don't know why this thing says I'm a boy but w/e) anyways just do those 2 things to get off on a good start and it leads on to whatever happens ;) good luck

  • I think you should be talking about this with your boyfriend. Just ask him what he wants you to do. Aside from sex, giving him head (which isn't terrible difficult I imagine), and kissing and whatnot, I don't think there's a whole lot of a learning curve.

    • I've asked him before what he wanted me to do but he keeps saying "whatever you want to do" but I really don't know.

What Girls Said 4

  • just touch and rub him down there. Anywhere in a five inch radius of it, will start to excite him. play the old 'does this make you nervous?" game to make him really want you lol.

  • i wasnt either when I started dating my boyfriend, but practice makes perfect. blindfold him, play some music and turn down the lights to set the mood. start with both of your clothes on, then slowly take them off as your rubbing and kissing. then eventually you'll both be naked. then start rubbing and kissing more and all that stuff. it will drive him willdd

  • well, if you want to make a game of it, you could be "dominant" and make him tell you want he wants while you're in the act. that's what I did with my boyfriend and it turns out he likes for me to take charge every once in a while. and after you learn what pleases him then you won't have to ask anymore, unless you just want to make him tell you again.

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