How do I pleasure my boyfriend?

Ok so I'm not very experienced in sex or anything to do with it for that matter, But my boyfriend is, He's very good at making me fill good but it seems like he's doing all the work. I want to please him but I don't know how to. like I said I'm not experienced, he's my first guy I've been with, so I'm really lost here what can I do to pleasure him. Please give me tips and how to do things, I really need your help. thanks


Most Helpful Girl

  • i noticed that you said in a comment that your boyfriend just tells you to do whatever you want. this would be a blessing if you were experienced, but as you said you aren't I would tell him that what you really want to do is make him feel good and you just need some direction. when I first had sex with my boyfriend I asked him the same thing and he just said "if it feels good to you, then it will probably feel good to me" and for the most part that's true. there are a few places that make my toes curl, while the same places on him make him jump and say "don't do that, it tickles" go figure.

    you just have to let him know how much it means for you to pleasure him to his liking and as you become more experienced you will, in turn, become more adventurous, good luck :)