How come girls don't keep any pubic hair any more?

Whats the deal with only shaved p**** these days? 10-20 years ago it was the opposite.


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  • Well, I still keep some, but I think the reason most girls shave or wax absolutely everything is because the vast majority of guys seem to be really turned off by any hair at all down there. Which I think is ridiculous, personally, but hey. The p*rn industry seems to provide the media ideal and guys have taken their hairless trend to heart.

    • I agree, I was going to mention p*rn, too. If p*rn is to blame, I wonder why the women in it became hairless? Vintage p*rn almost always features a natural bush. Maybe a couple actresses tried it and guys just liked it more, so it became more and more popular. Dunno, just a ramble.

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    • Have you ever seen a roman statue with bush? Not that Rome was without its p*rn, but I seriously doubt it was the reason for the preference. Its at least existed a hell of a long time before the alleged "Media"

    • I'm not saying its the reason, but perhaps a factor in why. There are probably a myriad of other reasons as well. That's all! :)

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  • Do you like it?

  • Because they don't want guys preserving their pubic hair in their mouth then using it to make voodoo dolls.

    • Now I know QAs game!

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    • Lol, now your slow and humourless Dryad ;D

    • I guess so, Jack :D

      taster, I've heard guys using girls long left over hair on their pillow for such reasons. Not just trophies but free dental floss.

  • Really what about feminists-eventhough its sterotyping

  • phases come and go

  • I don't get it either. The every guy I've messed around with won't do anything with my p**** unless it's shaved. But the one guy I f***ed was the guy that didn't care as long as I was clean he was good. I'm trimmed and clean so really there isn't much of a problem. I also like some hair on the guy so I don't see what the big deal is.

    • Oops sorry I accidentaly clicked report on urs :P ill like it to make up for it hahaha

  • Some of us keep a bit of it on. I'm not getting any so I only keep things trimmed. Most guys like little to no hair better, and girls like the feel of it too, so that's why.


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  • Some things get better with time ;D

    • its evolution :P

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    • Oh WOW! Yeah..I get it...what did you do to her?

    • LOL, if its who I think it is, I was friends with her but she really scared me, and I just couldn't deal with it anymore so blocked her. So I think this is her way of getting back on me for that

  • jello swaggersexy...i don't like seeing cuts on my pick after going throw tuff hair that can vut still