Why don't guys feel the pain? Why do girls get hurt more?

Why do guys think getting hit or kicked in the nuts hurt more then anything, when girls bleed for a week, give birth and watch the guy they love going out/loving someone else,

why do girls get hurt more?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Bitches just need to toughen up. Girls don't even hurt each other for the fun of it, guys do that for all their child hood. There was about two years at my school where you couldn't walk around at lunch time without your hand over your crotch, cause the second you move it your mates come up beside you and smack you in the nuts and you drop to the ground in pain. All for a good laugh.

    Girls only reckon they hurt more cause they instantly start complaining at the slightest drop of pain. Boo f***ing hoo I've got a headache/cramp/whatever. toughen the f*** up, I go about my normal daily routine when I'm in pain and I don't speak a word of it. The people around me probably don't even know I'm in pain.