Why don't guys feel the pain? Why do girls get hurt more?

Why do guys think getting hit or kicked in the nuts hurt more then anything, when girls bleed for a week, give birth and watch the guy they love going out/loving someone else,

why do girls get hurt more?


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  • Bitches just need to toughen up. Girls don't even hurt each other for the fun of it, guys do that for all their child hood. There was about two years at my school where you couldn't walk around at lunch time without your hand over your crotch, cause the second you move it your mates come up beside you and smack you in the nuts and you drop to the ground in pain. All for a good laugh.

    Girls only reckon they hurt more cause they instantly start complaining at the slightest drop of pain. Boo f***ing hoo I've got a headache/cramp/whatever. toughen the f*** up, I go about my normal daily routine when I'm in pain and I don't speak a word of it. The people around me probably don't even know I'm in pain.


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  • A kick in the nuts is excruciating. It is so painful that you want to scream, but you can't because you don't have air in your lungs. I don't know if a period is worse or not, but I doubt it.

    About the pain you feel when you see your ex dating someone else, we feel that too. We are not heartless. Most of the "emotion" hormones we secrete are identical to yours. We just don't show that we are in pain, because we are "trained" by the society to be tough and strong. There are so many times we want to cry, but we just can't because we are embarassed of what others may think of us if we do.

    Please, please, PLEASE get over the "my life is more painful" syndrome. We all experience the same world, through similar means. The only thing that differs is the way we react to what we experience.

  • why do girls have the inherent need to make their suffering seem worse than men's suffering?

    • The "my life is worse" syndrome, you mean? I see that in both genders, though I have to agree that I know more girls than guys who argue that their life is worse (in terms of sadness, pain, or etc.)

  • Girls don't feel more pain than guys. Don't even try it. I'm sparing you the arguement by not giving out my points. If you take it farther, I won't hold back.

    • i bet you won't do it! haha

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    • Wait can I?

    • 4. War. Whether we want to our not there times when we must fight. I know 2 men returned from the war in Iraq changed. Neither of the two smile anymore. One of them screams out in his sleep. He is afraid too even take naps. Women will never have to know this pain.

      5. Responsibility. My father got layed off of his job and took him 2 years to get a decent paying job. Until then he was working jobs that payed just over minimum wage. How much pain do you think his pride felt?

  • Guys hurt plenty too. Were not allowed to blubber around and show it like girls though. Whens the last time youve seen a dude cry? not nearly as often as a girl, and there's plenty of times we'd want to. Don't be a drama queen and man up!

  • There's a lot to you question...

    Kick a guy in the nuts and you put him in a short term coma.

    Do it hard enough and he can vomit, go Sterile and yes, even kill him from the shock.

    Because of this, we (guys) are the antithesis of everything female, physically and chemically.

    You use your emotions a lot different than we do.

    Our gratuitous nature allows us to take advantage of certain freedoms that women cling to.

    Thus began the battle of the sexes.

  • Don't sweat that sh*t ..we hurt a lot more than you will ever know...

  • High heels are f***ing scary man I don't care who you are

  • iv been kicked in the nuts and it hurt f***ing bad even a slight tap can send me to the ground in pain but yeah the last one about girls watching the one they love go with someone else is not only for girls it happens to guys a lot but we just hold it in because we think that's is what is best. We want to appear strong in front of the girl but we really are f***ed up inside.

  • Guys feel lots of pain and we have feelings too. This question makes me think you are prejudiced against men.

    • Guys are the ones who continue to represent the male population as emotionless, without having feelings. Guys pull the "guys aren't emotional" card when it suits them, but then pull out the "guys are more emotional than you'd think" when it suits them. Pick one

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    • No Evangelina, that is society.

    • Who said I was talking about you? I'm talking about men in general

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  • There are tons of medications to make those pains less painful. Midol is awesome for periods, which are mostly water fyi. And today, for childbirth, they have pain medications that work just spiffy so it isn't nearly as painful, and if you choose to go the natural route, you are choosing pain. Guys get heartbroken just as much as girls. I feel like you are forgetting that guys have feelings too. Getting kicked in the balls is one of the worst feelings in the world for guys, as a female we can't comprehend how much it would hurt since we don't have balls.

    Guys have the same emotions as girls. Just like girls, some more than others. Personally, I have never been in "pain" over any guy, or even heartbroken. But I have (not on purpose) broken hearts and seen guys suffer. It just isn't socially acceptable for guys to show they are hurting like it is for girls.

    Each gender has up and downs, one is not easier than the other.

  • Because when they get hit in the nuts, they are the ones getting hurt. We don't know how badly it hurts and we'll never know.

    Girls are over dramatic. It's 2011, there are epidurals, good doctors, Midol and Ibuprofen, not to mention not all girls are overdramatic and emotional.

    • Good Job my friend but the short answer is .ball pain is unbelievable..but it doesn't last very long...

  • (1) Women have more pain reciptors, and less GIRK-2. Men have less pain reciptors and more GIRK-2 so they feel less pain.

    (2) Oh, I am bleeding! SO SCARRY! Come on, its been going on since you were 12, you should be used to your period by now.

    (3) While giving birth IS painful, its not like women are just tough so they fight through the pain, while your prego those 9 months you build up pain killers which are released during labor, if they werent, no women would want to give birth, it would be to horrible. Plus many women still take drugs before birth to help with pain.

    (4) Getting kicked in the nuts is worse than you could ever know. Guys will scream bloody murder when they get hit with a plastic woffle ball. My boyfriend had a soccer ball drilled into his package and here's what happened:

    -He screamed out, feel to the ground and curled in a ball

    -He couldn't breathe because of the pain

    -He puked at least twice

    -LAyed on the ground for like 10 minutes groaning

    -Got back up limping and layed in bed the rest of the afternoon

    Clearly, unless youve felt it, you can't blow it off, I've been punched in the boob and stuff and gotten kicked in the vag but I only suffered minor compared to him.