What age when you got/gave your first hj or bj?

what age were you when you first gave/got your first handjob or blowjob.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Gave Hand Job - at 16Recived Hand Job - at 15Recieved Blow Job - at 20Gave a oral - at 25

  • got ma first handjob and bj at age 14 how bout you may I ask? ha friend request me or sumn

  • first fingered a girl at age 4gave and received oral at age 8 (yeah, more kids are doing it than you think)received a hand job probably at the age of 13 (along with french kissing)

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What Girls Said 6

  • handjob 15Blowjob 16

  • Gave A Hand Job -> 15Received A Hand Job -> 16Gave A Blow Job -> 16Received A Hand Job -> 17Lost Virginity -> 15

  • I would say you should at least be 18 or older. But sad to say there are girls doing it at the age of 10 . I was the age 19 when I first started.

  • 1mo

    Hand an blow age 14

  • i gave a bj and hj at 14

  • both 14 !