Do black girls taste better than white girls?

I swear that black girls taste better and even have a prettier vagina. I am white and I really don't want to bother dating white girls again because black girls taste like candy. Am I crazy? Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Black girls taste better
    71% (36)71% (148)71% (184)Vote
  • White girls taste better
    29% (15)29% (61)29% (76)Vote
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omg ha ha the advertisement next to my question is a blackberry. that's messed up


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  • I don't like white chocolate, the darker the better

    This is not a euphemism at all I'm still a virgin

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  • it depends on your diet. maybe you think race has something to do with it because of ethnic foods may be influencing the diet? I tasted myself and I didn't taste like anything. just tasted like thick water

  • We all have preferences, there's nothing wrong with it. But biologically, there's little to no difference when speaking broadly on taste :P Taste is influenced by diet and stuff; so maybe the ones you've had just had a better mix.

  • I don't think it's a race thing. you just so happen to like the taste of black girls more. Some else could think the opposite of you.

  • what kinda candy?

    • mmm maybe skittles and sweet tarts mixed together. Been dating this super hot girl for a couple weeks and we slept together last night and wow. and when I woke up this morning I had to have more and it was as good or even better this morning.

    • nomnomnom. you making me hungry

    • lol I am stuffed from this morning but could go for a little desert myself

  • it will depend on what one eats.

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  • I agree with you Black women generally tend to taste a lot better than most white women, there are the exceptions though. Cause I have eaten out some pretty decent tasting white girls, I wouldn't say that black girls taste like candy (lol) but most of them taste good, or at least more pleasing than there white girls. both taste good, just some better than others.

    And if it has to do with diet well then white girls need to start eating like black women, I've never eaten out a at chick so I can't say anything about the weight side.

  • Yes you are crazy. It depends on the girl. Now go troll somewhere else.

    • sorry not trolling but thnx anyways

  • Has to do with diet and hygeine...and medium to thin women tastes better than over weight (obese) women...race may have something to do with it...but this is not a racial thing is it?

    • no totally not. and the 3 black women I went down on all tasted amazing. one had a medium build and the other two were athletic and slender. you are right about heavier women though. I never enjoyed them like that.

    • I keep it honest

  • You should have added an option C for you being crazy. That's the answer I would have chosen.

    • lol I missed that one. the funny comment gets you a thumbs up but I have to say that it really is true. Black girls are so much hotter down there. less bad odor more come and taste better. OK c lol

  • herpaderp stupid. Depends on what they eat, how much they clean themselves, etc.

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