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Girls do you like watching guys play with themselves?

Does it turn you on to watch them slowly stroke there penis and balls?

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  • yea I think its really sexy. I wish I had the guts to ask my current boyfriend to do it for me, it turns me on so much just thinking about it. I don't think I could just sit there and watch though, id want him to come on me or in my mouth or something.

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  • Yeah..definitely turns me on:)

  • only if he's moaning while doing it otherwise no

    • Pretty rare for a guy to moan.

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    • im being honest.. I like when a guy moans I wish more would :)

    • I think most guys masturbate so much when they're young they learn to do it silently like ninjas. That's why most guys don't make noise during sex either.

  • No, to me it looks like the most vain thing a man can do. It's just he's so interested in his own d*** and nothing else - luckily this wears off by the time they're about 45!

    • all these down-votes, tut-tut will it make a difference to my personal opinion?...nah it's still an ugly thing to see no matter what others think

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    • Lol, Love Lockdown ;O)

    • alright forget it minxxe no hard feelings.

  • Not as much as it turns me on to stroke him myself:)

    • Nice answer. lol

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    • Must be mad you didn't say suck? lol

    • Lol oh well, can't please everybody:)

  • MY guy, not random dudes. I HATE getting penis pictures and jackoff videos from guys I'm not sleeping with. Seriously, dudes. Stop sending out photos of your junk so you can bust a nut thinking of me seeing it.

  • Well I've only had the experience with my boyfriend, and that turned me on a lot. its just the idea of being comfortable with one another.

  • Have you ever played with yourself in the mirror before?Yeah, its THAT ugly...

  • oh yer

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