I got a six pack but I have a hairy chest?

I am self conscious about going swimming even though I finally got a six pack after months of exercising because I have a hairy chest. I don't know... Show More

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  • what you're seeing in magazines is neither real nor indicative of "real, normal" people or of what people's preferences are. hairy chests are fine, if you're really hairy (like a carpet) then have it trimmed to thin it out a little, or go for a wax. personally I think men are supposed to be hairy to an extent, an overly-preened male is no different to an overly-pampered woman.

    remember, that people are so paranoid how they look in their own costumes that they're not going to notice you instantly. be proud of what you've got, it's a masculine trait and it shows you've matured nicely.

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