I got a six pack but I have a hairy chest?

I am self conscious about going swimming even though I finally got a six pack after months of exercising because I have a hairy chest. I don't know what women think because all these magazines you see today of guys girls think are attractive tend to have hairless chests. Now I know the common answer to this question is shave it but 1. it ain't like ape hair or really thick but its definitely noticeable. 2. I don't want to look like I'm 10 years old.

So girls what's your thoughts hot or disgusting?

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  • what you're seeing in magazines is neither real nor indicative of "real, normal" people or of what people's preferences are. hairy chests are fine, if you're really hairy (like a carpet) then have it trimmed to thin it out a little, or go for a wax. personally I think men are supposed to be hairy to an extent, an overly-preened male is no different to an overly-pampered woman.

    remember, that people are so paranoid how they look in their own costumes that they're not going to notice you instantly. be proud of what you've got, it's a masculine trait and it shows you've matured nicely.


What Girls Said 8

  • it totaly depends on how it looks, cause you can't asume its disgusting just because..

    id be stupid to stereotype. everyone is different..

    though that whole wolf thing is sort of a turn off :)

    a kinda in between situation maybe :P

  • Hot smexy hair makes a man look well manly lol I definitely think it's OK as long as the guy ain't covered in hair from head to two chewbacka style lol I find hairless guys look weird some shave it but I don't think that's a very good idea . :)

  • It can be really hot if it's not so bad that you can't SEE the six pack. But it wouldn't bother me at all if it was there, but not terribly obnoxiously there.


    • No you can definitly see the six pack.

    • Then its allllllllll good.

  • I think it's sexy as long as it's not like a werewolf, which I'm sure yours isn't. Some hair is manly and natural. Confidence in your own body is also really sexy.

  • Hot... I think a hairy chest actually makes a man look more manly. It turns me on, especially when a little bit of hair is seeping from the collar of his shirt. I also (many other girls think the same) get turned on when guys are confident. Be confident in your own skin and in your own body :) if a girl doesn't like you because you have a hairy chest, then she's being shallow and not worth your time. I hope I helped :)

    • Yeah I figure there must be a lot of other guys with hairy chest but I remember when I was like a freshman in high school I was already starting to get a little bit of hair and everyone told me it was nasty

    • you go girl :)

    • well that's cause freshmen are really insecure, immature, and stupid. a lot of my (senior) guy friends don't have any hair on their chests, and I think that's kinda not that attractive... but then again, that's just my point of view :P

  • That's totally fine. It's not like you have so much back hair. Or are fat and hairy (I've seen too many of those). I'm self-conscious about my body hair, too. I have Irish and Italian working against me. Besides, it really matters what you look like everywhere else.

  • well a hairy chest does it for me


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  • I don't know if it's random luck or what, but despite what you read/hear/see in the media, I've found that a lot of girls seem to like a hairy chest. I've had a bunch of girls who just couldn't keep their hands off my chest, for just that reason (and they openly admitted as much).

    Besides, would you really ask Magnum to wax his chest? link

    What about Bond? link

    Or worst of all, *him*? link

  • Dude be proud of your manhood wtf! Go out there and show that sh*t off. You said it yourself, you don't have ape hair so what's the problem!? A lot of chicks love guys with body hair because it makes them look more like a man, which you should be!

  • wax on wax off if you're bothered by it that much! :p

    • As I said I don't really want to look like I'm 10 years old lol. I know a couple of guys that do that around here but that's just not for me. I'm mainly just trying to get a read on what peoples opinions are if they seen me with my shirt off

    • I don't think waxing your chest necessarily reduces you to a 10yr old, but I understand why you would prefer not to.

      just be proud of who you are and the body you have. You can't possibly please everyone anyway and why would you want to?