How does a guy's balls smell and taste like to you women?

Like every guy, I scratch my nuts when I have to. But sometimes I smell my fingers after I scratch my jewels and it smells...funky. But I can't put... Show More

  • Vote A I like how a guy's package smells and tastes
  • Vote B I don't like how it smells but I like how it tastes
  • Vote C I like how it smells but not like how it tastes
  • Vote D I don't like how it smells or how it tastes
  • Vote E It doesn't smell or taste bad or good, but just is what it is.
weird how more guys answer this question than girls. funny...mildly amusing...indeed...if all yall guys want to appear gay to women on this my guest.

Most Helpful Girl

  • When I sucked balls... I don't usually smell anything... like it depends on the person...

    some people scrub more then others...

    • Well I'm pretty hygienic, but my package apparently is very strong but delicious

    • Then you should b fine babe...