What does it feel like to come inside of a woman?

Guys and girls, how does it feel for you when a guy comes inside of you? Guys, how does it feel when you first enter a girl and what do you like about it.. details please


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  • it is unbelievably pleasurable..u have no idea it feels like the female body automatically knows how to make it better for us..tightening up as we cum..pulling on us..every little ridge and muscle inside almost painfully caressing...i could give much more detail..but it would not help you I think..thanx ladies..u rock

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      More detail would be great! thanks

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      will try 2 send you longer better answer later..must think of best words..cheerio

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      Sounds good!

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't feel a rush of liquid when my boyfriend comes inside of me. I know he is ready when he grabs me tight, he pulls at me and when he releases, I feel him throbbing uncontrollably inside me. It is a great feeling, especially with that last thrust and we come together. That throbbing drives me wild!