Boyfriend Pressure!

soo me and my boyfriends have been going out for 5months and we already say we love each other. I told him I was a virgin when we first met and he was cool with it. *hes not a virgin tho* and he has been really sweet about it up until now. now he keeps pressuring me into doing it wit him and using the fact that I say I love him against me and saying "well if you love me then we'd make love." I love him, I really do but.idk what should I do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • TeddyGram28z I like your name. :-) I can understand exactly what you're saying because it's so hard for a girl to be a virgin now days so I give you so much credit for trying to stay as long as you can. It sounds like you guys have such a sweet relationship, and it's too bad that since he was cool with your being a virgin when you first started going together that he's starting to pressure you now to have sex with that old excuse, " that since we love each other it's ok now." Being a virgin is something to be admired but not many girls can stay one until they get married because that just wasn't one of their goals. Just rethink the reason you decided to stay a virgin this long, and if it's something you want to be when you get married to offer your husband then you'll just have to tell him or else he'll never stop pressuring you. The fact that he's had sex before will make him less understanding unless he's truly interested in you. and you in him. Only you can decide the circumstances that will allow you to not wait any longer, whether it's getting married or having a relationship where you have the love, trust and commitment that you want before you'll give yourself to a man. If this is what you decide, don't let any guy take from you what you cherish so much. Apply this reasoning with the boyfriend you have now, and if he's not the right guy or you don't know yet, then wait until he is or until you're going with one that is. Don't feel bad with any decision you make. If he truly loves you, he'll honor your wishes and he'll be around to reap the benefits. I hope this helps.