Friends seeing opposite gender friends naked??

how many of you guys and girls let your friends that are the opposite gender see you naked?


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  • No not fully naked...I was always pretty comfortable about being seen in my just about anyone...I mean it's not much different than swim trunks...


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  • none so far...the closest its gotten is swimwear or in my female friend's case---bra and panties. we're cool with it cause in the second one the girl is chill with the idea anyway and the first case she's completely chill with it cause I see her like that often and we're also best friends so there's almost no physical bubble to speak of in a way.(fyi both girls are different people)

    In my case I'm not gonna lie I may not be the most fit or buff guy out there but I think I'm a pretty good looking guy and I've been told so by a lot of my female friends, some of which including my BFF (which is a girl) keeps tabs enough to notice small changes in my appearance when we see each other time and time again. none have seen me completely naked but like I mentioned above they've seen me pretty darn close and vice versa.

  • of course I've seen female friends of mine naked. and yes, they've seen me naked. as long as everyone is open enough, it's OK :-)

    • cool.. my friend wants to and I feel totally fine but I was just wondering, and is this a regularity thing?

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    • so knowing that he is attracted to you, are you OK with showing yourself to him? If you really are OK, then go ahead. you're old enough to make decisions like that :-D

    • thats true.. thanx!

  • eh its pretty common to see same sex getting naked and change

    but for friends. that be weird lol. unless both parties are cool with it...

    personally if I changed with my girl as friend. I would embarrassingly get turned on lol...

  • I agree with the anonymous user below me. I'd let a girl see me naked if she wanted to, esecially if she was a friend of mine. A couple actually have (and I received some nice compliments too). Nothing sexual happened, either.

    Likewise, I'm mature enough that I could see a female friend of mine nude, be aroused, but have enough self control not to do anything about it. :)

  • Sure we see each other naked lots off times from as school age into adults and with new friends it's no big deal we all seen and know what naked/nude people look like and it's not sexual to spend time do naked things with friends or family even for us.
    No we are not nudists as such.

  • No. No one needs to see my gross body. I don't even let me see me naked for the most part.

  • I have been volunteer at a yearly youth-camp for many year. All volunteer are adults between 19 and about 60. Most are about 20-32 years old. The kids are all 15 or younger. I consider many of the volunteers as friends. And as we sleep in 1 or 2 tents, and we have about male-female ratio among the volunteers of about 20%-80% it only makes sense that the tent (s) are mixed. So yes, when we get up in this the morning, and the tent is still closed and dimmed, we don't really bother coffering us as we get dressed/changed/switch undies. So, yes, I have seen at least half of the volunteers naked, and most of them have seen me naked. It is not like we are all open and showing everything. But when I am putting on clean boxers, I can turn my back to some people in the tent, but that means I also turn my front side to others.
    And as I know the women might be watching (specially the younger ones), I make sure I have nothing to be ashamed of. So I trim my jungle before camp.

  • Well, if my female friends -wanted- to see me naked, I'd be pretty nervous about it. Would I let them? Maybe.

    And then I'd have to cross my fingers and pray that they don't find my naked body repulsive because of my penis...

  • none


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  • Around here with my friends it is not an uncommon thing. We skinny dip, change clothes etc.

  • Uh, none?

  • I never let any friends of mine see me naked but just in bra and underwear. I'm not shy but I don't see any reasons why they have to see me naked.

    • What you allow sounds like a lot anyway, but that's coming from an inexperienced person.

  • -raises hand-