At what age did you have your first sexual experience?

At what age did you have your first sexual experience? Did you enjoy it or feel it sucks?


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  • people have their first feelings at an extremely young age, like still babies. but the first time they're conscience of it is around 8+. Mine was @ 10 I heard about p*rn and that guys could masturbate so I decided to see if girls could and then I did and nothing happend but I got better at it and now I do like whenever I can even when during the day when people are at my house lol


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  • I was 14

    I liked it once I got over the fear that it was going to hurt, which it didn't! The guy was 6 years older than me and was really slow and careful the first few times. After that all fear was gone and I have so enjoyed sex since then.

  • The first sex experience I had, I was 23yrs and even thought it felt nice emotionally is sure felt painful physically...And he was being very caring and careful but it was wonderful although, painful

  • I gave oral sex to someone about 3 weeks ago and I was 23... that's the only sexual experience I've had up to this point, aside from cybering/sexting type things.

    • So what were your feelings after it? Glad, relieved, neutral or regret?

    • Honestly, a little bit of all of those things. I enjoyed the experience itself, but not the outcome between myself and the guy after it happened. But you live and learn. I'm just glad I didn't do more.

  • My first sexual experience was when I was 8, and my best friend (at the time) touched me in between my legs. It freaking sucked because I didn't want his cootie hands all over me; seriously, that's what I kept thinking the entire time . .

    " His cootie hands are touching me, gross! "

    . . looking back on the experience now, it's funny as hell. That was 10 years ago, but it still stays in the back of mind. But at the time, I thought it was horrible.

  • 15. My boyfriend fingered me. It hurt for a few minuets but he was slow and gentle and by the end of the night he was cumming in me (with a condom)

  • er what kind of experience. Masturbation 11ish I think, other sexual experience: 18 and sexual intercourse 19 :)

    I think I was quite good


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  • of course everyone first sexual experience is young... usually pretty sensational..

    honestly I've heard sex is better in the 30's and 40's...

    anywhose. for me it was good lol

    im sure everyone would agree with there first experience.

  • Personally, I had my first sexual experience when I was 15. I would say that is not the recommended age of which you take action with sex, although it was kinda a win lose kinda situation ... The girl that I was having sex with was a virgin ... So while I was having a swell time ... She was in pain... So to your question/

    I had sex at : Age 15

    Did It feel good: Yeah

  • I accidentally discovered masturbation at a very young age. 5 or 6 maybe. It was definitely enjoyable. Climbing a lamp-post, with my legs wrapped around it, I noticed that if I got to the very top, I got a tingling pleasurable sensation in my stomach area, or just below it. Didn't understand it at all. But I became quite interested in climbing as a result.

    Similar experience led to my first ejaculation when I was about 12. Totally confused the hell out of me.