Are there any completely straight women out there?

now days there seems to be a hell of a lot of bisexual women around now I have nothing against bisexual women or lesbians, gays exc but I do ask my self is there any women that arnt slightly bisexual any more is there completly straight women out there that are only attracted to me or do you all have a slight attraction to women?


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  • No. I'm definitely straight, I've even had a lesbian experience to verify it. Kissing a girl was probably the biggest turn off. I guess young girls maybe experiment more, because it's more socially accepted, hell, even encouraged by the media, as some other poster said, apparently lots of men like that sort of thing and whatnot. I however don't believe in knowing your sexuality until you've tried. I don't have a problem with gays, but I don't believe girls who say they're bi, yet they've never even kissed a girl and are constantly f***ing guys. Neither I believe that someone who's never had a girlfriend/boyfriend thinks they're gay because of it. How do you even know what your sexual orientation is without having sexual contact with neither a boy or a girl? I understand that some people may feel confused, especially when they're really young, but for god's sake, it's because kids nowadays are thinking about sex before they even get any hormonal urges, or grown a single pubic hair. How would you know what gender you're attracted to when your body isn't even ready for sex?

    But to answer your question, the majority of the female population is 100% heterosexual, despite what you see in p*rn or magazines. Not all of us are up for some special girlie time with the girls.


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  • Yes, there are absolutely straight women out there. I think straight women actually make up the majority. Many are probably bi curious or experimental, but I'm sure far fewer are truly bisexual. I think that women in general may tend towards having a slightly more flexible sexuality than men, but that doesn't mean we're all bi. I've heard many girls say they would never want to have sex with another girl, and I am completely straight as well.

    • yeah that's good I like straight women not that I have anything against bi women its just I'm a single straight guy and want a straight woman most famous women now days all say there bisexual megan fox, katy perry, rihanna, cheryl cole, exc and a lot of normal girls in everyday life say there bi it jst seems allthogh there all slighly bi of course there not as you say I just can understand how I never come across completly straight women.

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    • And I know how you feel, because I'd have a hard time dating a bisexual guy. I could potentially accept it, but it would make me insecure. Since I'm not one for threesomes or open relationships, I'd worry that they couldn't be satisfied by giving up sex with guys, and that would be rough on the relationship. Plus, it's twice the competition! I tend to think that bisexuals are better suited for other bisexuals, since they'll both be in the same situation.

    • yeah they prob would be better going with other bisexuals and I didn't mean exactly half lol, yeah that's exactly how I feel I couldont go with a woman knowing she likes other women to put it nicely I like to know women want what a mans got underneath not what a woman has I'm not really the jelos type like if I had a girlfriend and she looked at other men id be OK with it because its just looking but if she was looking at other women I wouldont like it

  • Yeah I'm 100% straight. Plenty of girls are completely straight. I think a lot of girls (not all but a lot) pretend to be bisexual just for attention. I mean we hear all the time how guys love girl on girl action so I think some girls do that just to get attention from guys since so many guys are apparently into that kind of thing. I would never fake something like that just to show off for a guy. But some girls do that even if they arn't really bi.

    • yeah I have a striaight sister and she said the same that a lot of them do it for populartiy or attention and girl on girl doesent really do anything for me but yeah most guys like it.

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    • I agree. I think it's pointless and stupid. But it's true some girls do this for that reason.

    • yeah 7121uc is right most men wouldont want thier wife/girlfriend who they love to be bi its more of a fantasy thing not so much for me but most guys for me I like knowing a girls straight

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  • In my opinion there is no such thing as a straight, lesbian, or bisexual woman. I have met wmen who claim to be straight but they have told me that they have desires to be with a woman. Also, I have met lesbian women who have told me that they also find certain men attractive. I think homosexuality and hetrosexuality is a male thing not a female thing.

    • Women do tend to have a more fluid sexuality, in my opinion, but that doesn't mean NO women are totally straight or totally lesbian. Personally, I am straight. Sometimes I get curious about what sex with a girl would be like, bit when I think about it, I would never actually want that.

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    • I'm not sure you understand what I'm trying to say.

      Why is it wrong to be gay but not to be a lesbian?

    • its not he's just speaking from a male perspective not one that I share tho its not wrong to be anything, dw I know what you mean :)