Are there any completely straight women out there?

now days there seems to be a hell of a lot of bisexual women around now I have nothing against bisexual women or lesbians, gays exc but I do ask my self is there any women that arnt slightly bisexual any more is there completly straight women out there that are only attracted to me or do you all have a slight attraction to women?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No. I'm definitely straight, I've even had a lesbian experience to verify it. Kissing a girl was probably the biggest turn off. I guess young girls maybe experiment more, because it's more socially accepted, hell, even encouraged by the media, as some other poster said, apparently lots of men like that sort of thing and whatnot. I however don't believe in knowing your sexuality until you've tried. I don't have a problem with gays, but I don't believe girls who say they're bi, yet they've never even kissed a girl and are constantly f***ing guys. Neither I believe that someone who's never had a girlfriend/boyfriend thinks they're gay because of it. How do you even know what your sexual orientation is without having sexual contact with neither a boy or a girl? I understand that some people may feel confused, especially when they're really young, but for god's sake, it's because kids nowadays are thinking about sex before they even get any hormonal urges, or grown a single pubic hair. How would you know what gender you're attracted to when your body isn't even ready for sex?

    But to answer your question, the majority of the female population is 100% heterosexual, despite what you see in p*rn or magazines. Not all of us are up for some special girlie time with the girls.