How do you know if you still have your hymen?

Okay, so I'm a pretty shy girl. But I have been fingered by 6 guys (I feel so slutty for counting that high). the one guy who fingered me, after I had blood that he smeared on my pillow and I felt really raw (mind you he was fingering for longer than I was used to). Anyways, I'm afraid he broke my hymen just because of the blood and some brown squishy looking discharge (sorry for the descriptions but girls has this happened to you too?) . I'm still a virgin since I've never had sex, but I'm afraid what if my hymen did break? I never looked at myself down there before I started getting fingered, so I have no idea what to look for. I have shaved and have now looked down there, but again I don't know what the hymen looks like. Please help.


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  • Sounds like it's broken - but it's no big deal. A lot of girl's hymens are broken before they have full penetrative sex. The blood, and the brownish discharge definitely suggests that to me, and considering how many times it's been done, I'd say it's pretty certain that it's broken.

    It doesn't matter if it's broken, it can be broken through a ton of things, fingering is just one of many. Even exercise or tampons can be enough to break some girl's.


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  • Why are you afraid? Its going to happen eventually.

    • I know. I'm still new to this whole thing, but I thought before that your hymen broke when you had sex, not fingering.

    • It breaks from an assortment of things: masturbation, fingering, inserting tampons, playing sports, falling down wrong etc. Its not meant to be intact your whole life. And frankly, I think a lot of girls break it themselves so they don't have to deal with what you did.

    • it can brake from many different things.

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  • its just skin. you do not need it you can lose it. I do not get how it did not hurt tho... lucky you. I broke mine on purpose so I do not have to worry about intense pain my first time. but its no big deal other than pain. so what are you worried about.

    by the by.. it is probably a good idea to do some reading about your own boy before you let other people enter it with their tongues fingers penises or any other movable objects..

    • Well the guy who I'm pretty sure broke it, it did kinda hurt but like I said he had been doing that for a longer time than what I was used to.

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    • I dunno, I just am. It's hard to explain, ha ha

    • ok, well hoe you don't worry too long..

  • Don't worry about it, dude. Guys don't have hymens.

    • What? I'm a girl.

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    • Questioner, why would you think that?

    • I just saw something about a comment being deleted, that's all.