Guys: Is it hard to pull out?

When your having sex with a girl and you don't want to get her pregnant is it hard to pull out before you going to cum. ?


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  • Depends on the position. My ex was riding me and I stopped. She kept going and I let out something audible along the lines of "slow wait wait hold on no no ahhhhhhhh. I told you to stop." She climaxed at the same time but it was pretty amazing.


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  • No, the coitus interuptus ( you call it "pull out") isn`t a real problem. I havad done this from time to time.

  • Hell yea it is, I stopped pulling out along time ago

  • It's not difficult at all, I've been doing it that way exclusively for 20+ years.

  • no, I did it about 20 to 30 times before, I'm a pro at it.

    but I'm just ninja with most sexual things already ; )

    • Like a ninja? You mean nobody notices you? :p People turn up dead wherever you go?

    • i only kill rapist and cheaters.

  • Nope not hard at all. I just slip it out and aim for the t*ts.

  • i sorta don't know when I'm cumming because I climax before hand... I think that's what's wrong with me. anyway, I think that's why sometime I might have a problem

  • In the earlier stages of a relationship, things can get very hot. So you can lose control. Later on, it's easier to predict. But why not use other forms of non-invasive birth control like the diaphrum, copper-Tee, etc?

  • If I'm only worried about my own pleasure, its easy. If SHE is close to orgasm and I'm cutting it close hoping to get her off before I do, that's where you're likely to run into problems.

    If you don't want to cut it close, don't try to just pull it out and cum, pull it out when you're getting close and switch to oral or whatever.

    If you tell a guy he can finish in your mouth or on your face, I bet he'll have it out in time _no problem_.

    • She should have already come before you even get to that point.

    • Thanks for the hot tip shaun. Sometimes, horror of horrors, a man ends up being close to orgasm fairly close to the time the woman does.

      I have even heard stories of men who ejaculate before the woman orgasms, although I'm sure that's never happened to any of the fine men here on GaG.

    • Lol Yea I would think so or hope so.

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  • How fast does your partner cumm? Answer: How horny is he THIS time, and how long has it been since he last spilled a load? LOTS of variables can affect how fast it comes out.

    If you don't want to get pregnant, use protection or don't spread your legs. End of story. Condoms don't feel good, and that's why guys try to convince you they will pull out. And yes, the sex is better for us too without a condom, but 10 second of pleasure is NO excuse to risk STDs and pregnancy.

  • pulling out doesn't stop a girl from getting pregnant

    • it does if there's no precum. my ex never got preg by me.

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    • ditto no prego my eggo, lol

    • i'll prego your ego all I want

      no jk.

  • That's what condoms are he doesn't need to pull out. And pulling out without a condom is not a sure way to prevent pregnancy.

  • It can't be hard. My ex used to do it all the time with no problems. I think some guys claim it's hard because it feels better to come in the girl, rather than on her belly or wherever.