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Have you ever farted and pooped a little?

and your in a public place so there is nothing you can really do about it? Yeah that happened today and I was lost on what to do! I think I handled... Show More

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  • Only at school has that happened to me, 3 times elementary Kindergarten and the 1st grade. and 1 time in high school, I drove a scooter then, so I went on my hog and drove home and skipped the day. Told my mom what happened and she wrote a letter to my school the next day.

    It happens with the best of us, all though it is kinda funny hearing a pretty girl confess to it lmao. Because in a guys mind girls don't go poo poo, which of course is ridiculous. We just don't like thinking about it.

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  • I did once but I was at home so I was okay

  • hahaha no that would suck

  • Not sense I was a toddler.

  • oh well... poor you!!
    howeve it is happened to me! I thine even more than once!
    I remember well the last time... I was driving, with my girlfrien, in my car, some years ago, I felt myself better, no sick, no stomach ache, all of a sudden I needed to fart... so i try to do it without being noticed by her... but I miscalculated what I've done... and pooped a little my panties!
    however she diden't notice that... lukily it didn't ' smell so much!! and after a while we arrive at home... and I run to the toilet!

    how is it happened to you?
    could you tell me a bit of your situation?

  • Are you being serious?

    • yes it was that damn taco bell!

  • I have done this, thought i was gonna fart and ended up with a squirt in my underwear, i was at home so all i had to do is clean up and change.

  • I was doing a girl up the butt and it happened. Not the same thing, but same result.

  • once and it wasn't a good experience. but I had to poo real bad on public tho. with my girlfriend handing me tree leaves to wipe my ass ha ha that was emabarrassing but now we just look back and laugh

  • It happened to me in elementary school once I remember that.. I had to go really bad during recess and I couldn't run to the bathroom in time and I thought if I farted it would relieve pressure... what a mistake THAT was!

    • me too lmao :)

    • ooooh, that happened to so many children including me

  • I laughed at this


  • Only once ever in my life and a few other times it felt like I almost did but nothing was there when I checked lmao whew!

  • It's called a "shart."

    Never trust a fart.

    • i have learned the hard way oh wise one! it was crazy though it felt like an honest to god fart! I didint even question it then I was like oh sh*t! complete surprise!

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  • hahaha not in a public place,ive farted once in kindergarten while I was in the bathroom because someone next to me was making funny jokes :p but doesn't everyone fart just a little when they're about to poop?,because my mom and sister do that and most of my friends told me they do and I do too.I never would poop in public though unless you couldn't hold it anymore and it was an emergency. xD

  • no

  • lol um no

  • Happened to me a little earlier this year I was in the library and I felt sick to my stomach and I farted a few times but I didn't think much of it because I was curled in a ball on the sofa trying to keep my lunch in lol as soon as the bell rang I ran to the nurses office and upchucked. Then I went home, puked again and there was a tiny bit of shwit in my panties x3 hasn't happened before or since lol

  • I laughed and peed a little but that's all.

    That must have sucked!

  • I thought I might've done so at one time, which is why I no longer mix burritos with wine. No that's an unpleasant surprise waiting to happen. Alcohol and beans get at each others throat in a hurry, imploding at first, then exploding.

  • lol why did this happen to you? =D

    • me and taco bell don't hang out well together!

    • LOL

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