Have you ever farted and pooped a little?

and your in a public place so there is nothing you can really do about it? Yeah that happened today and I was lost on what to do! I think I handled it OK but damn what a weird moment in my day!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Only at school has that happened to me, 3 times elementary Kindergarten and the 1st grade. and 1 time in high school, I drove a scooter then, so I went on my hog and drove home and skipped the day. Told my mom what happened and she wrote a letter to my school the next day.

    It happens with the best of us, all though it is kinda funny hearing a pretty girl confess to it lmao. Because in a guys mind girls don't go poo poo, which of course is ridiculous. We just don't like thinking about it.