Is being in the middle of a circle jerk slutty or just adventurous?

Just wondering what you all thing about it! Girls and guys.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Who know I was just being sarcastic in my last response because I dint really take the question seriously but upon further review I think you merit a better response. OK her is the deal I personally have nothing against the idea of a girl taking on multiple partners or being somewhat slutty they have as much a right to get themselves off sexually as guys do and hell don't all guys want to bang two girls? The thing is that while less slutty than being in a threesome with two guys or getting gang banged I find the idea of a girl being in the middle of a circle jerk more disturbing because its not like she is even doing it for her own pleasure but it is like she is doing it out of an overly narcissistic confidence boost, and girls that pretentious are sort of a huge mega major turn off, So I much rather date a girl who likes getting gang banged than a girl who is the target of a circle jerk.