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Is being in the middle of a circle jerk slutty or just adventurous?

Just wondering what you all thing about it! Girls and guys.

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  • Who know I was just being sarcastic in my last response because I dint really take the question seriously but upon further review I think you merit a better response. OK her is the deal I personally have nothing against the idea of a girl taking on multiple partners or being somewhat slutty they have as much a right to get themselves off sexually as guys do and hell don't all guys want to bang two girls? The thing is that while less slutty than being in a threesome with two guys or getting gang banged I find the idea of a girl being in the middle of a circle jerk more disturbing because its not like she is even doing it for her own pleasure but it is like she is doing it out of an overly narcissistic confidence boost, and girls that pretentious are sort of a huge mega major turn off, So I much rather date a girl who likes getting gang banged than a girl who is the target of a circle jerk.

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  • If it works for her and works for the boys, it's a good time.

  • Slutty

  • Is there a difference? BTW that's a nice sweater, it's very ...big (*drools*)

    • dont be a pig if your going to give her a compliment give it to her sparkeling personality, all two of them

  • Slutty.

  • Hell yea its slutty. Kind of wack if a girl is willing to have a bunch of pervs circle around her and jack off to feel sexy. That's what you call an attention whore

  • So, I'm assuming you've done it?

  • whats the differance?

  • Circle jerking means they're all handling each other, so you're just the eye candy to look at. I'd say if anything, it's a like being fenced in lol

  • U come up with some provocative Questions! Mexican Donkey show! LOL! Let me c if I can visualize this...u are sitting in the middle of a circle of guys that are jacking off? Clothes on? Rather a weird position to be in..don't you think? If your clothes are off...then I definitely think slutty...if your clothes are on then I guess not.. I cannot imagine guys jacking off in front of each other after graduating from Junior High..I would jack off in front of u..but not other males...

  • Adventurous.You could make a ton of money doing it, if that was what you were into.A bukkake session at a local sex club generally gets 10 guys in, each paying 200 bucks for their 10 on 1 circle jerk over the girl. They do about 4 of these a year.

  • its definitely slutty but then again you are a slut so go for it

  • Depends. on if you knew the guys

  • with that alone, I can't say

  • It's disgusting and slutty, makes me gip just thinking about it!

  • Swingers might feel more comfortable that the average Joe on this sitebut I would think the participants would all been having these secret desires about each other (or most of them) for awhile THENperhaps getting stranded or on vacationTHENthe alcohol and privacy venue turned all those hormones loose and the "jerking" beganotherwise, by gay bro-in-law used to have these dinners, afterward they ... well, it was private and BTW he died from a illness associated with such vices

What Girls Said 4

  • Nasty and slutty. its your life but if your gonna do it, at least get paid. no sense in being disrespected and treated like trash for free

  • Pretty much would depend on your opinion of it. I think it would be more towards the adventurous.

  • Not my thing personally, but if you're into it, go for it, haha. Who gives a f.uck what anyone else thinks about it? Enjoy yourself, life is short.

    • LOL! Ur usual competent response My Friend!

    • Why thank you. ;D

  • I'd say slutty.. But everyone has their own thing and some girls may like that so I can't judge lol

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