First time giving a bj, what do I do?

I'm going to give my guy a bj and It's my first one. When I gave a hand job it took around 15 minutes for him to finish and that was the second time. He didn't finish the first time. To make it more interesting for me, I bought chocolate body paint so I was going to use that!

1. What techniques should I use?

2. Will it take longer then a hand job?


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  • How long is takes completely depends on the guy and the giver, but I personally like it to last a while, because I really take my time in the beginning, enjoying it and getting him riled up.

    This is what I do (this might get graphic):

    Start with a slow handjob (kind of teasing him, getting him ready), then kiss his belly and hips, then his penis. Kiss and lick it for a while, just getting acquainted with it. I like to swirl my tongue around the tip, lick him from base to tip, and tongue his frenulum (the spot on the underside of the head of his penis). Take the tip/head into your mouth, then move your mouth up and down, gradually taking more of his penis into your mouth each time you move down, and gaining speed. Hold the base steady with your hand (or a couple of fingers) this whole time, or else it's going to be hard to keep it still, haha. If you can't take much of his penis into your mouth, use your hand to stroke the rest of the shaft in rhythm with your mouth. Eye contact also adds a big visual turn-on for most guys.

    Those are the basics... Oh, ask him to tell you when he's close to orgasm, so you can really focus on keeping a good rhythm. If he's about to orgasm and you pause, it won't happen :P You should keep up a solid pace (like a handjob) once you reach the "home stretch," or the blowjob is going to take longer than necessary.

    And be careful about your teeth!

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      How long *it* takes

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      That totally depends on the guy. You might want to ask him, "Is that good? Faster or slower?" during it just so you get to know what he likes. I had my boyfriend show me the pace he uses when he masturbates so I could mimic it when I give him handjobs/blowjobs, haha, because that's probably the ideal pace for a guy. It also really helps to just use your hand and give your mouth a break when you're going fast. I hope that makes sense :P Thanks for BA :)

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      Great tips!

      If you need more tips, you should read Jack's Blowjob Lessons, the best bj guide ever!