Girls, have you ever stuck an ice cube into your vagina?

or has your man ever done this as foreplay?

i was fantasizing doing this to a girl who is laying on her back with hands and feet outstretched and tied.

it doesn't have to be a big ice cube. it can be small enough to melt within 30 seconds. I was even thinking of freezing some lube or massage oil and stick that in the vagina. it will melt and act as lube =]

so how did it feel if you have done this? did anyone like it?

I thought up some new ideas. Instead of ice, use those reusable ice things that act as a substitute for ice cubes. The ones I know of are small plastic spheres that contain water. They're like a but bigger than marbles.

And another idea is fill a latex glove with water. Freeze it. Finger the vagina with the frozen latex finger.
LMFAO. This question is silly!


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  • To all the girls who are saying it would be painful, don't knock it 'till you try it!

    Out of curiosity, I tried it once. I rubbed the ice cube on my clit and then put it in my vag. It was surprisingly a really really amazing sensation! I loved the first few touches of the cold ice, it was a nice contrast to my warmth. I think it would be really amazing if a man were to let an ice cube melt on his tongue and then give me oral...

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      i actually did that to my ex girlfriend, she loved it. +1