Girls, have you ever stuck an ice cube into your vagina?

or has your man ever done this as foreplay?

i was fantasizing doing this to a girl who is laying on her back with hands and feet outstretched and tied.

it doesn't have to be a big ice cube. it can be small enough to melt within 30 seconds. I was even thinking of freezing some lube or massage oil and stick that in the vagina. it will melt and act as lube =]

so how did it feel if you have done this? did anyone like it?

I thought up some new ideas. Instead of ice, use those reusable ice things that act as a substitute for ice cubes. The ones I know of are small plastic spheres that contain water. They're like a but bigger than marbles.

And another idea is fill a latex glove with water. Freeze it. Finger the vagina with the frozen latex finger.
LMFAO. This question is silly!

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  • To all the girls who are saying it would be painful, don't knock it 'till you try it!

    Out of curiosity, I tried it once. I rubbed the ice cube on my clit and then put it in my vag. It was surprisingly a really really amazing sensation! I loved the first few touches of the cold ice, it was a nice contrast to my warmth. I think it would be really amazing if a man were to let an ice cube melt on his tongue and then give me oral...

    • i actually did that to my ex girlfriend, she loved it. +1

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  • 20d

    This works so well. My boyfriend managed to get 15 in once, with me tied legs apart hands above the head. I wouldn't recommend it in the ass though. We've tried it with 10 in the vagina and 5 in the ass and it was admittedly awesome at the time, but I was extremely sensitive for at least a week after.

    I'd say go for it though. If you can find a girl whose up for it this is incredible. Especially if you start f**king her as they begin to melt. Works really well with a blindfold so she can't see what you're doing and has to rely on the feel.

  • 35d

    I've done this a lot of times and it's fun, feeling the cold water run down your thighs. Also, the warm and cold contrasting temperatures inside makes you feel a bit tingly.
    So yeah, overall I'd say, you should definitely try it. :)

  • 38d

    If you can't get water in the vagina how do you shower? Lol water in the vagina isn't bad for you, I promise.

  • I do it all the time and it's amazing! Even the full sized cubes melt pretty quickly. My boyfriend loves both putting them in me and watching me put them in myself. He also loves to gently f**k me while there is one or two in makes him come like crazy. He loves to lick up the juice when they melt too! Go for it, but start with small cubes for short time periods while she adjusts to the extreme feeling. You may even want to soak her dildo or vibrator in ice for the first time. It will add some fun for you too. I want to try rubbing a small cube on his prostate soon, I think he'll love it!

  • No don't it'll mess up the ph level

  • I thought laxtex wasn't good to freeze id never do such a thing

  • It hurts after a while like a burn

  • I haven't done that, but I'm willing to try it.

  • Hahahahahaha... xD

    • To answer your Q: no, never done :D

  • lol um no thanks!

  • Its not great or anything, but its not bad

  • Sounds stupid.

  • Not a good idea to get water in that area, or so I've read.

    • I know how to wash myself

    • Avoid those special washes. "It's easy to keep your vagina clean without making it smell like a flower shop. Washing every day with a mild soap and plenty of warm water will do the trick." See link

    • Don't be ridiculous, of course I wash myself. There is special feminem washes for that area.

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  • I've never tried it but it just sounds...cold.

  • I have before it was very cold I mean it didn't feel bad but it didn't feel good it felt kinda weird

    • no just cold like the feeling wen your really warm then cold reallly quick

    • was it ticklish or anything?

  • I did it for numbing so I could peirce it. Lol

    • Why not? Lol

    • *sympathy pains*

    • one word OUCH! why would you do that...

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  • Well we haven't done this but one night my boyfriend did stick a lollipop in my vag, it was actually really sexy, he had me suck on it after and then went down on me.

    • sexy

  • Water+Vagina= VERY Bad

    In other words, women aren't supposed to get water in their vaginas.

    • As I mentioned to another answerer: See: link . "It's easy to keep your vagina clean without making it smell like a flower shop. Washing every day with a mild soap and plenty of warm water will do the trick"

    • Some people get infections from swimming, especially if they have sex while swimming. Not a good idea.

    • ok. I didn't know.

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  • Have you ever stuck an ice cube on your penis?

    • Well, putting water in the vagina can give you a yeast infection.

    • ice cube onto penis... doesn't sound impossible to me

    • you would cause irreparable harm!

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  • Wouldn't that hurt as putting a whole ice cube in your mouth is too cold, so putting it somewhere more sensitive I'd think it'd be worse

    • For me a really cold one hurts and I have to spit it out so I don't know maybe my mouth is more sensitive than yours

      But I assume a girls p**** would be more sensitive than both of ours

    • It doesn't hurt when I put an ice cube in my mouth.

    • I agree with this answer

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  • wow, tying hands and feet? that's kinda dark..

    • hardly. people do worse in bdsm.

  • First tell us if you've ever stuck an ice cube up your poopy hole.

    • I've never thought about it until now... hmmm. I don't know maybe if I get myself drunk first.

    • lol

    • TMI

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