Girls: What's the nastiest thing you've done in bed while drunk?

Girls just lose their inhibitions when they're drunk. So what's the nastiest thing you've done?


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  • Had a threesome, had an orgy with two girls and 6 other guys in an abandoned house, had sex ontop of a random car bonnet, took it up the ass, had sex on a cliff edge my head was literally hanging over the edge over the sea and the drop! most exhilirating crazy thing everrr :-)

    I think drunk sex can be very very fun! as at the time the two of you don't really give a s**t haha!


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  • Did things and was forced to do things with a guy I kinda didn't want to do things with.

    • thats called rape then ...

    • I didn't do it with him. We just did that's molestation or sexual assualt or something. lol.

  • -Lost my virginity drunk first of all.


    I don't know really. Either I don't remember, or I don't consider it nasty? 69 isn't even out there...:)

  • Anal sex--but it was with my husband, so nothing shocking by todays standards. :)

  • I had sex with my boss and he was totally not attractive. I don't even know why I did it, other than just being bombed. He took it from behind and ejaculated all over my back. It was so disgusting!

  • I've done more "nasty" things when sober than while drunk.

    • care to elaborate?

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    • yuck strap on. definitely not str8

    • Well, I'm not straight, but I've only used my strap-on on guys. :)

  • golden shower, wouldn't do it again its extremely messy and when your drunk you think its acceptable to do this in a bed room, totally disgustinggg lol


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  • i pissed the bed

    • i had a watery poop in the bed also..eeiiw!

    • damn I was pissed drunk like I'm not sure how I got home and I was drunk half the next day I didn't even get a hang over till the day after I got drunk