Do women like men's feet? Do you think some men have sexy feet?

Well, we all know that some men have a foot fetish, but what about women? According to psychologists, the "foot center" and "genital center" share the same vicinity? meaning, both of these parts "share" sexy info with each other. Plus, reflexology says that the soles of our feet have pressure points that map the entire body. Maybe feet are more than just a part of the body we use for walking.

Never thought about it, but just the other day I was at the shopping center with sandals on, and I noticed this cute chick kept looking at the ground where I was standing, didn't think much of it, maybe she lost a contact lense? I pondered to myself. But then navigating through aisles we happened upon the same area, and standing next to me she said: (the dots between words denotes me responding, FYI)

" are this on clearance? is nice..."

then boom

"Hey, this might sound weird, but...YOU HAVE NICE FEET FOR A GUY" I was like really? And then she's like "Yea, they are sexy and masculine, and your toes are really nice, do you get a pedicure?" And I was like no, and I started blushing, then my girl (well, not really my girl, just someone I'm seeing) showed up after finding her stuff and was like "what's going on?" and then the girl was like okay, gotta go. Then my girl was like "So what did that chick want?" later on and I told her and then I asked my girl at her place what she thinks and she said my feet look okay, then I kept playing footsie with her and tried making her smell my feet on the sofa and she got pissed. But anyways..

What you ladies think? Don't be shy

  • Vote A I have a foot fetish
  • Vote B I don't have a foot fetish
  • Vote C Feet are just okay with me, whatever floats your boat
  • Vote D I think feet are gross
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  • I don't have a foot fetish, but I like feet just as much as any other random body part. I think every inch of my guy is sexy, so feet are included :P I just don't pay special attention to them, unless I'm giving him a massage.

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      There have been girls in my life that have offered to give me a foot massage unprovoked, I wonder if they felt the same way you do

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      It's just a nice gesture of affection, in my opinion. I enjoy hearing the "mmm"s from him.

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      That exactly how I feel about feet