Do women like men's feet? Do you think some men have sexy feet?

Well, we all know that some men have a foot fetish, but what about women? According to psychologists, the "foot center" and "genital center" share the same vicinity? meaning, both of these parts "share" sexy info with each other. Plus, reflexology says that the soles of our feet have pressure... Show More

  • Vote A I have a foot fetish
  • Vote B I don't have a foot fetish
  • Vote C Feet are just okay with me, whatever floats your boat
  • Vote D I think feet are gross

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't have a foot fetish, but I like feet just as much as any other random body part. I think every inch of my guy is sexy, so feet are included :P I just don't pay special attention to them, unless I'm giving him a massage.

    • There have been girls in my life that have offered to give me a foot massage unprovoked, I wonder if they felt the same way you do

    • It's just a nice gesture of affection, in my opinion. I enjoy hearing the "mmm"s from him.