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Do women like men's feet? Do you think some men have sexy feet?

Well, we all know that some men have a foot fetish, but what about women? According to psychologists, the "foot center" and "genital center" share... Show More

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  • Vote A I have a foot fetish
  • Vote B I don't have a foot fetish
  • Vote C Feet are just okay with me, whatever floats your boat
  • Vote D I think feet are gross

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  • I don't have a foot fetish, but I like feet just as much as any other random body part. I think every inch of my guy is sexy, so feet are included :P I just don't pay special attention to them, unless I'm giving him a massage.

    • There have been girls in my life that have offered to give me a foot massage unprovoked, I wonder if they felt the same way you do

    • It's just a nice gesture of affection, in my opinion. I enjoy hearing the "mmm"s from him.

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  • i don't care about men's feet.

    • Bel I had a strange feeling that you would answer first and I had a strange feeling on top of that strange feeling that you would say you don't care about men's feet, it could be my psychic abilities, and might have something to do with my sleep paralysisthanks for your comment

    • lol

  • It's not something that appeals to me. :( I love guys who have foot fetishes though.

  • Feet are just plain gross, esp.. guys' I don't even like my own feet and I get complimented on the a lot, so I only speak for myself but still...Ew!

  • Feet are disgusting, wear socks. My boyfriend has "nice feet for a guy" but I still find them gross and won't let him put them near me.

  • I don't really care about feet either way. I give my boyfriend foot massages sometimes, but it's not a sexual thing at all.

    • I've gotten foot massages by a few girls in my life, and they said they enjoyed giving me one, although they never mentioned if it was sexual for them, do you enjoy giving your boyfriend a foot massage?

    • In a manner of speaking, I enjoy it... but again, it's really not a sexual thrill... more of a friendly comfort thing that we do for each other.

  • I'm pretty indifferent about guys feet, but I will say, I am oddly attracted more so to that area when guys where tennis shoes. Don't know why? But I love a guy in some kicks, especially converse or high tops...

    • Like a guy wearing tennis shoes or like the "ball being in his court?" haha, like how I did that? Like that?

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    • tennis...courts...its play on words...nevermind, I don't want to start "a racket" get it? Like that one? like that? like how I said that? :-P

    • Oh HA HA HA wow - yea I'm kinda slow lol :P

  • No feet in general are gross looking, esp those toes. Guys have calluses and lots of hair, but to be honest I am not going to be looking at his feet all the time. They guy I like does not have the prettiest feet but I do not think mine are great either. Other parts are sexy like his legs, arms, torso, face and collar bones.

  • I thought they were disgusting.. But, my boyfriend, I love him so much, sometimes I tickle his.. It's indifferent now (his are clean though so, I don't mind)

    • I've met girls that wanted me to tie up their ankles and hands and then tickle their feet with feathers

    • If someone did that to me I would kill them when I got loose!

    • Yeahhh.. Too far.. :\ ... Nothing sexual for feet like , from here

  • I have a fetish for guy's feet. Guys tell me all the time my feet are sexy and my toes are cute, but I find it weird. However, I like guys' feet if they are nice. LOL, I know that's a contradiction.

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