How do I stop being a prude?

I'm such a prude.., I think anything sexual is degrading, embarrassing and disgusting! I'm 21 and I'm too shy to even talk about sex when my friends do I get grossed out and embarrassed and think it's slutty of them to discuss it! I have to improve a bit or I'll end up being single for life! I've never had a boyfriend, and only been on 2 dates and I was too shy and nervous to even kiss!


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  • WOW. Have you ever thought about this as a more serious problem. Perhaps you had something in your past that happened to you to cause you to behave the way you do. This does not sound like normal behavior. It's either you're just a late bloomer or you have like a slight mental illness. Okay Those aren't the words I'm trying to find. I'm not a doctor so I'm not gonna diagnose you. Basically I think that this needs professional help. I don't think you can handle this situation on your own. Best of luck

    • a factor. I am also really shy and used to think sex was dirty but then was when I was a lot younger. I'm 17 now and don't think this way anymore. Maybe in time you will shake this off

    • Well exactly you've had a bad history. You witnessed your dad in this abusive behavior and thus you may create this stereotype that all men are like this. Seeing this behavior could cause you to form this perspective subconsciously. If you think of men in a bad light, of course you wouldn't want anything to do with them espiecially share something as deep and personal as sex. You may not realize that you view men this way but you could and I think this whole depression and anxiety is definately

    • My parents never said sex is bad... My parents didn't have a good relationship with each other though, always fighting in front of me & my dad was an alcoholic which is probably why I got depression and anxiety. My mum actually thinks it's weird that I don't date & wants me to.

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  • Well, I think the first step is to find someone you can go on dates with.

    • Whatever.

    • That's embarrassing. I would never ask anyone to do that, seems really desperate!

    • Ask your friends to set you up on a blind date or two. It will be awkward, but it will get you broken in.

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  • have an orgasm then you will be fine

    • ok then all I got to say is its your body, there's a reason why you have a vagina, a clitoris, why you get horny, why you can have orgasms, don't let them go to waiste.i can't tell you what to do, its your choice.

    • No I don't know why because I've never been to church in my life and my parents aren't religious or strict they actually want me to get a boyfriend...

    • no you dont, you only think this because you grew up with others thinking it and judging it, either parents, church religous views, don't tell me it isn't because it is.

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  • first you have to ask yourself what is it that makes you disgusted when other women laugh or get turned on. and then ask yourself ...WHY?keep in mind, men want women they can enjoy being with and be themselves, men are gonna get bored quick if they feel they have to be on their "best behavior"

    • again we ask...WHY?

    • I just think it's degrading and should be kept private! It makes me feel uncomfortable when people talk about sex.

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  • I mean if you're okay with the way you are, don't change. There's a minority of guys who will like that, but they're still out there. I personally am nothing like that. I've always been able to talk about sex without feeling grossed out and I love having sex, I get around, I'm promiscuous :)You don't have to talk about sex if you don't want to but you may want to find other friends who also don't like talking about sex. I'd still encourage you to masturbate and get in touch with your body. To be afraid of your sexuality and your body isn't healthy and if you let this become a serious problem then it will hinder relationshipsI'd say you may have other aspects of your personality (and maybe appearance ) in the way. You don't need to have sex or talk about it to get a guy to ask you out or like you or kiss you...unless you reject guys left and right because of your sexually repressed mentality ?

  • having sex, talking about sex, ect does NOT make anyone a slut. now if you have it with multiple people (alot of one night stands) yes you are one. but if your in a relationship with the guy its perfectly fine to have sex with him and you would not be considered a slut. relax and go have sex you don't know what your missing out on

    • then you should get some help. because sex shouldn't make anyone uncomfortable. its a normal thing and trust me your going to end up hating your life if you don't grab hold of this fear and embaressment you have about it and face it

    • I think talking about it is slutty. It should be kept private... It makes me uncomfortable when people talk about it. I know it's OK to do it in a relationship but I'm too shy to even get a boyfriend and sex makes me feel embarrassed.

  • You shouldn't have to stop being a prude.Just like guys complain that women want men to stop being sexual beings (stop looking at women, don't ask for sex so much, being on good behavior, p*rn).Just date a prudish guy or a guy with a Madonna/whore complex who doesn't cheat.