Am I a 23 year old virgin loser?

Hi I am in a weird situation I'm 23 years old a still a virgin, never had a girlfriend and really have no experience. it might seem strange to those who do not know me well as I'm kind-hearted, honest, good looking, in amazing shape (im ripped), and highly intelligent (a straight A student). On the other hand I lack confidence, am shy and can be very socially awkward.especially when I approach women. I'm worried that when I eventually do get a girlfriend she'll judge me for being a virgin and think I'm some kinda weirdo or something? do you guys think she will and would you have a problem dating someone in my situation?


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  • First. Being buff and ripped has nothing to do with the situation.

    That would be like me dating some mean guy who is buff.

    I don't care how hunky a guy is if he is mean and cold and cocky superficial I won't date him and I've turned guys down like that before. That just isn't me and it certainly won't make me happy.

    Second. There isn't anything wrong with a guy being a virgin at your age. Don't let the media/ other people confuse you about what age people should get rid of their virginity. There is not age limit. Nothing nada zip. Just like I tell everyone else, you are your own person. No one can run you, control your thoughts, feelings, hobbies and whatever you like to do. You wouldn't want to be with someone who tries to make you think like that person would you? No.

    Third. Why would you be with a girl who would criticize you for being a virgin in the first place? Wouldn't that put a stop sign few steps a way from you? That's bad news. It's common sense not to be with a girl who is immature and childish like that.

    Fourth. I think it is incredibly sexy when a guy is a virgin. It says sooooo much about the guy that he has dignity, a good head on his shoulders, he is intelligent, patient understanding and so many good things on different levels. It just says that he can handle being independent that is interested in learning about things that should be learned about instead of living in a life full of sex and lust. It's rediculous.

    Fifth. I'd rather date a virgin then a non virgin. I wouldn't want to sleep with my boyfriend / husband because I'd rather not sleep with the girls who has slept with in that's just nasty.

    Sixth. I know my boyfriend or husband will be a virgin. I will make sure of that.

    Seventh. Two people who are virgins makes the whole experience a learning one plus and exciting and new one. There is definitely a secure connection between virgins. I just couldn't imagine being with a man who isn't a virgin when he'd sleep with me. I wouldn't feel connection and I can't have that and I won't.

    You pretty much get the picture that guy virgins are the greatest and there needs to be more of them. Fuck the stupid shallow bitches who think guyvirgins suck. They're just skank bitches anyway for the most part who don't know how to close their legs.

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