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Do girls really like creampies?

for girls that have had a guy come inside them (with birth control and all) did you like it? did it turn you on? I'm asking because it seems to be a p*rn thing, and I wondering if girls really liked it privately.

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  • Yes, it's good :o)

    • what do you like about it? how does it feel to you? what turns you on about it? :)

    • Oh, sorry lol. Ummm, it just feels like a really warm sensation as it happens and I feel like, wetter inside also. I like it since it seems like it's really intense and It's very hot to experience it so close together :o)

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  • I like it when he cums in my/on my face/in my mouth/on my p****, it's really sexy!

  • A lot of girls I know don't, but I'm sure there are girls who do. I don't hate it or anything, but I don't like how messy it feels afterwards.

  • Isn't that the point of sex without condoms? Sometimes I can feel him come in me and it feels awesome. After, I have to excuse myself to the closest bathroom to pee and let the come come out. Otherwise, that day and possibly the next day, I keep leaking come outta me. Kinda awkward.

  • I do love it, it is very hot! But I agree that is messy afterwards..

  • In p*rn, a creampie is usually all about the visual of come dripping out of a vag, which I do not find appealing at all :P I like it when he comes inside of me, but it's kind of uncomfortable when it drips out. It's hot as long as I have a tissue handy :D

  • love it. I think it's super sexy.

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