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What are some great ways for a young teenaged girl virgin to masterbate?

I like it and have will power not to most of the time but I do the same thing's could you help?

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  • There are actually websites out there for this exact purpose. People can submit their stories and techniques and can read other people's. These are sex-ed sites, by the way, they're not p*rnographic.

    Here's a few




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  • Get a battery powered toothbrush that vibrates and hold the back part of the head on your clit while you stimulate it. Go on try it. You'l love it ;)

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  • You can lay on your back on the tub and let the water drop on your clit and opening. The closer your knees are to your head, the better.

    You could find a safe, clean and washable object for penetration. Play about with that. You can masturbate in different positions so it won't get as boring. One time on your knees, the other standing up, et cetera.

    • You can also pull, slap, and/or pinch your clit if you've not tried that.

  • To do it I used a hairbrush(an old one that like you don’t use anymore!) the part you hold. If you put a condom on it and do it. it feels a-m-a-z-i-n-g you’ll love it! Give it a try! ;)

  • Use a A Pillow.

    • I wouldn't use a pillow since I put my face on it every night and wouldn't know who might decide to use the one I secretly play with in my household. It's also not as much fun.

  • I didn't realize virgins did it differently...it's still masturbation.

  • Shower heads are fun if you have one :D

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