What does it mean if your breasts are itchy a lot lately?

I would say for the past month, my breasty have been itchin like crazy and I been scratchy them and now there kind of red in areas and it won't go away. is this breast cancer?


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  • it can be anything it happens all the time sometimes its a kind of allergy to certain fabrics or it might be a starting of stretch marks it use to itch sooo bad the most important thin is to no scratch or it'll become dark so be patient

    also it might be caused by sweating


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  • I'm pretty sure it's not cancer but a trip to the doc is warranted; sounds like an allergy or a contact dermatitis.

    • Yea I'm gonna go as soon as possible just to b on the safe side.

  • painful or senstive breast are one of the first signs of being pregnant.

    red areas are not? have you change your washing up powder?

    • Yeah I have but I don't think that is it. oh and I'm not pregnant because I just checked days ago. I'm scared cause the color of my breasts are changing. Its like where I would constantly scrath them the color chenges to red and have this orange peel look to it. Doesn't look nasty or anything. Just if you look close can see there's a change and they won't stop itching. No lumps, No soreness and my breasts are always sensitive, no discharge and nipples are fine. they just itch. Not real bad itch

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  • It just means your boobs are getting bigger, at least that's what I was told

    • Yea and they have gotten bigger. I think cause of sex though. idk

  • Definitely not cancer.