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What kind of fetishes do women have?

I know girls have them. They just seem to never admit it, or open up about it. I've seen plenty of guys go out describe their fetish in vivid detail,... Show More

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  • Best (guy) friend sex. LOL, I don't have a best guy friend but I think it'll be hot. He can be my lover and cuddler. Haha...

    Also, light S&M and fake rape (but since most women have these fantasies, it's not really a fetish)

    • I like how you said having sex with a friend, as though that's crazy, and tossed in fake rape as an obvious turn on.

      BTW, wanna be friends?

What Girls Said 6

  • ill admit I have a fedish! I love ruff sex and bondage! and HANDCUFFS <3

  • I don't know if this is a fetish, but I think it would be cool to dress up as animals during sex. I'll be a cat & he can dress up as a bear.

    • that's sick, shouldn't you be the same type of animal? :)

  • post...play



    • Describe what this means please.

    • playful like in a innocent way and I like to like tease and tickle and "examine" every where on him... and I loooove to treat him after he comes because I love how he reacts

  • I'm not sure if it's really a fetish or if it's more a fantasy, but I think a lot of girls like roleplaying, bondage, and fake rape (in like a roleplay)

  • I like f***ing guys with strap ons, peeing on guys, some bondage, role play, etc

    • Can he wear womens lingerie, thigh highs and heels?

    • peeing is hot...(:

What Guys Said 2

  • Read the book forbidden flowers

  • Women are into bondage and roleplaying.

    • Apparently you hit it on the head. Male and female fetishes CLEARLY differ.

    • Yes they do.

    • Females don't seem to fixate like males do...never heard a female say she was into armpits...

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