Does it hurt to lose your virginity?

I'm 16 and not ready yet, maybe if I knew a little more I could feel more comfortable can you explain how it feels?


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  • Umm. well it didn't hurt me at all. Reasons it would hurt would be breaking of the shoot . I've forgotten the name. anyway - there's a little membrane that get broken. I think this can be thicker or thinner in some girls. Not all girls have it when they decided to have intercourse too. Personally, I'm pretty sure mine broke in gym class in grade 5 (exercise can do that so can tampons, fingering.). Could also hurt if you are tense or if you aren't aroused enough/ or just haven't produced enough lubricating fluid.

    Like someone else said before watch out of "hitting the top" ie/ cervix. That can hurt or feel good to some women- but I think it'd be best to steer clear for the first few times till you figure out what's going on.

    If you haven't gone through the process of manual stimulation/ fingering with your significant other, I would definately do that first. My relationship at your age was the one I lost my virginity in and we were messing around for oh a good year before I decided I was ready for more. That way we were both really comfortable with each other already. Not that you need to wait for as long as did - or wait less. It's all about when you feel okay with it.


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  • yah it hurts

  • i would think wether it hurts or not would also depend a lot on the size of the guy girth mostly I would think

    • Your Wrong :)

      its his technique

      and if your nervous

      when your nervous you become tight

      and when your tight ..well your tight and it hurts.

      take it from me ,

      I have been studying life and sex since I was ten .:)

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  • Heyy ,

    im 16 too

    I lost my virginity when I was 14 Personally I thought it hurt but it felt amazing at the same time.

    its hurts at first like when his penis is entering your vagina , but once its in . its like .well nothing you have experienced before, once its in tell him to take it easy.

    it may be hard yourt first time so get lubrication gel it makes it a hell of a lot easier ; )

    I hope that helps and be sure to use a condom :)

    x.o.x Melissa:O

    • That helps soooooooooooooo much I feel more confident now thanks so much

    • Anyy time hunn:)

  • I drank a little my first time. It still hurt. It actually hurt the first couple of times,but then it started to feel a lot better.

    A note of advice.Make sure your guy knows not to hit your "top", aka cervix. That hurts badly.

    Also, if you're not ready you're not ready. Don't force yourself or let some one force you into doing anything that you don't want to do.

  • When I lost my virginity, it didn't hurt when he first barely went in but as he went deeper and reached my hymen, it was kind of uncomfortable. There was pain for a couple seconds and that was it. It felt good from then on. My advice would be to make sure your in a comfortable place/position like in a bed.

  • Well I'm 15 and I lost my virginity a couple of weeks ago to my bf. I was drunk and high but it still hurt. At times it felt weird and sometimes it'd hurt. It probably hurt more because I was nervous. The heated condom definitely helped though.

    • TwiilightL- 15 drunk and high :( You seriously need a reality check that's really really not good hunie :(

    • Lmfao I'm 16 now and its very good :)

  • When it first enters, I'm not gonna lie to you.. It hurts! Especially if your nervous from not knowing what to expect or are tense. And the deeper it goes, the more uncomfortable it is. It's not like unbearable pain or anything or else people wouldn't do it! Once you get into it though, it feels really good. Just make sure he's gentle with you and takes it slow. Also size matters a lot as well. My first time was painful because the guy was huge down there, an it still hurt a little the second time too. But usually by the third or fourth time it's all uphill:)