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What does it mean when your male partner ejaculates quickly?

is it because of a stronger attraction? is it the other way around?

is it cause the girl makes him that horny?

what does it mean?

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  • Could be because of his inexperience, his metabolism and/or his excitement from you. lol! From all what I've read and heard, guys vary from being very fast ejaculates to very slow. Some in a few minutes and other for much longer. It doesn't seem to have much to do with the physical stimulation for some guys. Of course his attraction to you helps too and that you make him that horny, but it also depends if this is a once occurrence or like ever time. He may not have learned to control himself yet, or you just get him so excited he has to just let it go. haha!

What Guys Said 5

  • It means he's inexperienced, and still learning control.

  • it depends on a lot of things, including how experienced he is and how long you've been together. if he's young and/or inexperienced and it's your first few times together . . . yeah, he's probably TOTALLY turned on and also nervous/over excited.

  • Several possible reasons, including:

    -He's excited

    -He's nervous

    -He's inexperienced

  • Usually because you make him that horny. If this is his first sex then he's still a lot sensitive & will learn to last longer, but still you make him that horny.

What Girls Said 2

  • -He's excited

    -He's nervous

    -He's inexperienced

    -You turn him on.

    -he wants your body, needs your body

    And just needs to learn how to control him self .

    - MelissaO-x.o.x

  • the girl makes them really horny

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