Do girls like giving BJs?

OK so a couple of weeks ago I sorta fingered my girlfriend who I love and she loves me btw well it was with fully clothed and no penetration cos she has never had it done by anyone before and even by herself never done it and the other day we got "steamy" again and I was gonna and she said she couldn't feel it through her jeans so we were gonna take em off cos when I tried going inside her belt was crushing my hand lol but we checked the time and only had like 15 mins before her parents got home so we decided not to and I said I would do it next time if she wanted me to and she was like ok then. Oh yeah she was gonna help me do it cos after the first time I asked her to try by herself so she knows what she likes so I can do it better and the first time she told me she cummed but I don't know how to tell cos its the first time I have done anything too. Then she told me if we didn't run out of time that day with me doing that to her she was gonna give me a bj for the first time her giving it to anyone. I have never had one either and was glad I could give to her so I have a way to return the sexual pleasure. I didn't get any pleasure giving to her except it made her happy and her breathing adn everything was really turning me on. Is this the same for girls or do they really dislike it because it just seems to me like she won't gain anything by it either.



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  • Well me personally, I think it tastes pretty nasty. But I mean after awhile you forget about the taste and just do it. I always said I would never do it for any guy even after we were married. But if you care for a guy enough you will do what it takes to make him happy! Especially if he has given you some pleasure (: I think you should make sure your girl really wants to give you a b.j. Before she does it. She could just say she wants to do it because she feels like she owes you. I know the first time I did I really didn't want to. And I still don't feel comfortable with it but it makes my guy happy so I do it anyway. But if he actually took the time to wonder if I wanted to it probley wouldn't happen. It might not really give her pleasure though. But you'll have a good time by it since you have never had it before. Good Luck! :D

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  • i've always hated oral (both giving and receiving) until i met the guy i'm with now.

    not only is he ridiculously good at giving it, but i love returning the favour~ it drives him crazy, in the best way possible, and what gets me going is knowing how much he enjoys it.

  • Again... Different with all girls, but personally ( due to my abnormally large ego) with the right guy who I care about, I love giving head. I like to hear them moan and squirm. Knowing that I'm in control makes me feel good, some girls hate it. So I suppose its a marmite thing, you either hate it or love it

  • Uh, no, some of us like giving our guy pleasure. It turns me on a lot giving my guy a bj I don't mind the tast at all, in fact I find his stuff to have an almost sweet but pretty bland otherwise flavor. I like to grab him just as he's getting out of the shower sometimes, tastes a whole lot better than the end of the day! Usually never stops at just a bj for us...

  • She won't know until she tries it. I personally love giving head.

  • idk why but I love giving head, and I've heard I'm really good even though I've only done it a few times.and just putting this out there, I don't think come tastes so horrible like everyone makes it out to be lol oh and when you guys get further along you should try road head, its pretty exciting hahah

    • What the heck is road head?

      If its what I think it is then I don't have a car and what if we got caught!!

    • Yes its what you thought hahah

      getting head while driving

      theres a chance you'll get caught because the person driving swerves a lot hahah but I've done it once at night when there aren't many cars on the road..

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