Boyfriend says he wants to eat me out. What do I say back?

my boyfriend keeps txting me telling me he wants to suck on my boobs and then eat me out. he wants me to tell him what I want to do to him in detail. but I don't know what to say I feel bad Because he keeps adding my turnons in every time he describes what he is gonna do to me and I jus say I wanna blow him


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  • When you describe an outfit you saw at the mall to your friends, do you say "I liked a top and some pants", or do you give paragraphs of description of each item, with lots of adjectives? The latter, of course.

    So, when you tell him you want to give him a BJ, you're giving him the 3-word summary, when he's looking for the long, detailed description, with lots of adjectives.


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  • What, like blow air on him? I bet that's not what you want to do.

    Describe it. Pretend in your mind he's totally innocent and has no idea how a bj works. Just describe it beginning to end.

  • First, you think what you would like to do with/to him, then you tell him.

    If you can't think of anything, that's the problem.

  • say yes...

  • You sound like you are not comfortable talking about sex...and it makes you a bit shy..if you do not know what to not force it..just tell him that you would rather not..or that you just do not know how to dirty talk..a good understanding boyfriend will respect that..if he does not..then know what you need to do..


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  • LOL I used to have this problem but I am pro now. Say that you want him to suck on your t*ts than run his tongue all over your body while you scratch his back. Than you want him to finger you till your wet and put your clit in his mouth till he can taste every bit of you.

    Thats a pretty good start, I would say! Good luck!