What does it mean when a guy cums fast & and when it takes awhile?

I was told that if a guy cums fast he has not had sex recently. And if it takes him awhile he has had sex? I was just curious?


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  • It's much more complex than that! To share some experiences...

    In my 20s, I came quite fast. Mostly before my partner, which left her quite dissatisfied!

    After having kids (like in many cases), the situation changed. Earlier it was sex every night. After not getting sex for many days together (sometimes weeks ... small kids, liable to get up in the middle of the night etc), I had to depend a lot on masturbation for relief.

    This kind of maybe desensitised me ... making my orgasms very delayed.

    Some of my friends complain of coming within just two minutes! They are probably premature ejaculators. In my case, I could go on for 20-30-40 minutes...especially if your partner isn't very enthusiastic... which can be a bit of a problem too.

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    So you cannot come to a hasty conclusion...

    If I masturbated recently, I might take longer to cum. But not in all cases...