Why is my boyfriend so rough and aggressive in bed?

Like when he's fingering me he's extremely aggressive, like he'll grab my vagina, squeeze it, twist it, and lick it. Then he says some really dirty things to me. And when he's fingering me he's reallyyyy hard and fast, and even when I tell him to stop because it hurts, he continues doing it. Do any of you guys do it with your girl? Why does he behave so aggressively?


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  • I'll put the same answer I did the first time. He has been watching too much p*rn. It's probably true. Lol.

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      i just really need to know why he does this..it kind of scares me and makes me very uncomfortable, like he's viewing me as a piece of meat or something..

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      Just have that talk with him about the sex, and his overall attitude. Hopefully things will turn out well for the both of you. But if he isn't willing to change, then leave. You don't deserve the disrespect.

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      listen to this dude, he knows what's up.