Why do guys sleep with their hands in their pants?

My friend says they always do. Her husband does. Even her five year old does.


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  • i don't always... but when I do I drink dos equis

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  • Never. I sleep on my tummy, legs outstretched, arms around a pillow.

  • I don't, and no man I know does. He's making it up.

    • You can find pictures of anything. Doesn't make it common.

    • No. I saw pictures

  • i have done that but certainly not usually...what I DO do is extend my arms & hands straight down and lay on them, propped up by my chin...got several "weird' comments about that one! LOL!

  • I don't know sounds weird

  • i have never done it

  • Its a comfort thing , If a guy feels worried or something on his mind he will often have his hands in that area (in private obviously).

  • I've never even heard of this. That's weird.

  • I don't ... ?

  • I have NEVER ONCE done that... This is silly...

    • ;)

    • lies, lies.

  • I don't. It might just be for comfort though. Like subconsciously protecting your stuff from attack while you sleep. Or he could be trying to keep either his hands or his balls warm.Or he was in mid stroke, got tired, took what he thought would be a 5 second break to rest his eyes...but instead got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

  • I don't. I guess I'm not a guy.

  • too keep the crotch warm? I've never done it but I tend to hug pillows when I sleep

  • they dont. I hug my pillow

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  • To make sure it's still all there? Who knows.

  • I think it's hot.

  • to protect their penis?

  • LOL I have no idea. I know a few guys who do that, but my dude doesn't. Maybe it's like some subconscious need to protect their junk or something while they sleep. I asked once and my friend said it's just comfortable. So who knows. I'm sure it varies from guy to guy, but obviously not all guys do that, haha.

  • I usually see them walking with hands in there pockets. And sleeping with their arms crossed over their chest...

  • i've seen a lot of guys cuddle with pillows but never with their hand down their pants